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NAME: Fondazione L'albero Della Vita Onlus


TITLE: -CHAT – Changing Attitude. Fostering dialogue to prevent FGM

AMOUNT: EUR 263 719


Project description:1.Objectives

To foster mobilization process towards a change of attitude concerning FGM within target communities in 6 European Countries

To Increase cooperation among SME’s & Industries and no profit sector on preventing Gender Based Violence and FGM.

To enable migrant associations to design codevelopment project tailored on FGM related issues as to promote social change in practicing countries.


Involvement of key members of the community in different sectors and from different age – second generation, community leaders, women who have undergone FGM, religious leaders, newlywed couples, blogger and media journalists

Adaptation of available training of Behavior Change Communication and Intercultural Communication related to FGM

Identification and engagement of highly committed members of the communities to participate in the training phase and become “Positive Deviants”

Training “Positive Deviants”, through a cycles of workshop related to transversal issues such as social dynamics and knowledge of FGM, communication skills, how to engage communities, behavior change activities and peer to peer technique.

Engagement of SMEs & industries,which are interested in orienting CSR policies, towards combating Gender Based Violence and FGM in partner countries

Foster the creation of “outcome fundings” of SMEs and Industry in order to award outstanding and effective FGM prevention projects

Involvementof Embassies and Consulates of practicing countries to support and promote codevelopment workshops among their citizens

Implementation a cycles of workshop on codevelopment and its application in the prevention of FGM in the communities

3.Type and number of persons benefiting from the project

Project’s target are:

24 key members of the community in different sectors and from different age such second generation, women who have undergone FGM, religious leaders, representative of the migrant association, newlywedcouple, health professionals and journalists or blogger.

120 highly committed members of the communities that will be trained toact as “Positive Deviants” .

2400 members of the communities in 7 European Countries directly involved in Behaviour Change Activities

90 SME and industries which are interested in orienting CSR policies towards combating FGM and Gender Based Violence in partner country

60 Migrant Association interested in developing small codevelopment project scale projects addressed to the abandonment of FGM in practicing countries

6 Embassies and Consulates that will host and promote codevelopment workshops

Final beneficiary: 180,000 girls at risk of FGM across Europe

4. Expected results

Increased knowledge and skills of highly committed members of the community to advocate for an effective change of attitude towards FGM in the 6 European Countries

Increased number community members engaged in dialogue on the abandonment of FGM practice in 6 European countries.

Increased mobilization of private sector resources to support civil society projects in preventing FGM and Gender Based Violence and in 6 European countries

Increased knowledgeon codevelopment tools in order to promote social change initiatives toward the Abandonment of FGM in practicing countries..

5.Type and number of outputs to be produced

6 training adapted

18 workshops to train highly committed members of the communities toact as “Positive Deviants” are delivered

18 workshops with the private sector are delivered in order to boost CSR initiatives on the prevention FGM

18 workshops with members of communities and migrant association are delivered on codevelopment tools

24 MoUs signed in 6 European Countries in which SME and industries ensure to allocate an “outcome funding”

1 Guidelines to enable CSOsto develop orienting activities for private sector

1 Guideline on how to address FGM through codevelopment tools

1 Short documentary video in English

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