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NAME: Actionaid International Italia Onlus


TITLE: -AFTER Against FGM/C Through Empowerment and Rejection

AMOUNT: EUR 719 114


Project description:The project deals with Female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) which reflect a deeprooted inequality between the sexes and constitutes an extreme form of discrimination against girls and women. It stands out as a relevant form of violence against girls and itsa violation of women’s human rights to life, dignity and health

The core activities of the AFTER project in fact are empowerment andsensitization activities directly targeting & migrant women and girls and their communities living in the EU – including men and religious leaders & local policy and decision makers – with the aim to mobilise them to reject FGM/C practices. This will be done by :

1) replicating in Europe effective participatory methodologies (viz. ReflectAction methodology ) successfully implemented in communities in Africa and

2) involving women, girls, opinion makers and religious leaders coming directly from African communities in Europe so to witness how the FGM/C practice is becoming unpopular & banned also among manyAfrican people as well.

Project activities include :

Mobilise migrant women & girls living in the EU to reject and challenge FGM/C

Mobilise migrant communities – in particular men and religious leaders to reject FGM/C

Build alliances among migrant communities in the EU and communities in countries of origin to prevent and fight FGM/C

Build a network of local administrators committed to take concrete actions to prevent FGM/C and to support FGM victims, also inj terms of community service offered

Broadly disseminate information on existing social and healthcare services and protection measures related to FGM/C among migrant communities

Sensitize a wider audience of European citizens on FGM/C

The main target group of the project are migrant women and girls from FGM/Caffected communities living in the EU who will participate in the empowerment activities foreseen in work stream 2.

The overall expected result is that they will be more empowered and willing to reject FGM/C and to take action to change cultural behaviours and beliefs that tolerate FGM/C in their communities.

In particular women and girls after the completion of the project will have improved knowledge of their rights relating to women’s sexual autonomy and bodily integrity and on the consequences of FGM/C on the lives of women and girls who undergo the practice. They will know more about existing international and national laws and policies aimed atprotecting girls and women from harmful traditional practices and in particular FGM/C and preventing the practice and about relevant support and protection services available in the country and city they live in.

Through testimonies and meetings with women, girls and religious leaders involved in FGM/C prevention programmes in Africa they will have increased awareness of success stories regarding women and girls’ struggles to challenge and reject FGM/C.

Men and religious leaders from FGM/Caffected communities living inthe EU are also target groups of activities but not beneficiaries. After the completion of the project they will have increased awareness on women’s rights, on the consequences of FGM/C and on the social, health and cultural services FGM victims or potential victims will require

EU policy makers and national governments are target groups of dissemination activities under WS4. They will benefit from expected project results as they will have increased knowledge and tools on possible effective FGM/C prevention strategies and FGM supportive measures that include direct involvement of affected communities.

Outputs to be produced: Review Report; Mapping and Gapping Assessment; Database of local stakeholders, Champions for Change Network, a Twitter campaign, a RA revised method for immigrants living in northern countries, a training for the trainers (contents + materials), promotional materials for empowering paths, an FGM documentary, 10 videos etc.

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