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NAME: Terre Des Femmes - Menschenrechte Für Die Frau E.v.

COUNTRY: Germany

TITLE: -CHANGE Plus. Promoting Behaviour Change towards the Eradication of Female Genital Mutilation in Practising Communities and CommunityBased Advocacy

AMOUNT: EUR 712 942,79


Project description:Objectives

CHANGE Plus aims at raising awareness, changing attitudes and promoting behaviour change on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in practising African communities in four EU Member States (Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, France) through community assessment,capacity development/ mutual learning, exchange of good practices and the empowerment of community members.


Participatory research conducted in communities in Hamburg, behaviour change activities designed and assessed in communities in France, Portugal, and Hamburg

48 community members trained as CHANGE Agents , who implement 144 behaviour change activities

8 experienced community members trained as CHANGE Champions” who implement 48 activities, mentor CHANGE Agents, participate in local/national and EU advocacy events

project results disseminated to public, national stakeholders, EUstakeholders and decisionmakers

Type and number of persons benefiting from the project

56 community members benefit directly: 48 as CHANGE Agents, 8 as CHANGE Champions

min.1000 community members targeted by activities

min. 80 of participants at 16 local/national advocacy activities

min. 250 EU stakeholders benefit through communication and advocacy activities

around 140.000 of women and girls at risk of FGM and those whoare affected, benefit through better knowledge, greater awareness and behaviour change leading to better prevention and support

Expected results

Individual project participants are empowered to act as catalysts of behaviour change (CHANGE Agents) community leaders (CHANGE Champions) are empowered to act as antiFGM advocates at the local/national/EU level.

African migrant communities, inparticular girls/women at risk of FGM and those already affected, benefit from community assessment and evaluation, awareness raising, dialogue and implementation of behaviour change activities; pressure on families to continue FGM is reduced; community voices are better integrated into local / nationallevel debates on the abandonment of FGM

Partners and other NGOs have better knowledge onstrategies to promote abandonment of FGM in practising communities in the EU

Local/national authorities, EU stakeholders and other relevant actors (e.g., key professionals) receive advice on how to better prevent FGM

Type and number of outputs to be produced

Outputs re: community mapping, project evaluation

1 new module for community evaluation developed

Selected communities in Hamburg assessed

Specific behaviour change activities developed and evaluated in Lisbon, Amsterdam and Hamburg

Outputs re: CHANGE Agents’ capacity development / activities

Training curriculum revised (new modules on gender/women’s empowerment and on community evaluation)

7 days of of training held for 48 CHANGE Agents

50 exchange meeting for CHANGE Agents

192 behaviour change activitiesimplemented (144 activities by Agents, 48 activities by Champions) in Lisbon, Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin and Hamburg

6 skype calls with African associate partners

1920 packages compiling material from (associate) partners distributed to Agents/Champions

Outputs re: CHANGE Champion capacity development / activities

4 days training for 8 Champions

6 expert presentations from leadership training available

16 local/national advocacy activities (e.g. roundtables)

1 lobbying meeting with EU decisionmakers

Outputs re: dissemination of project results

1 video clip (5 languages subtitled)

1 website

2 press conferences, min. 6 press releases

participation in 4 EUlevel conferences in Brussels

1 event for journalists in Brussels

EUwide dissemination through website articles, social media, newsletters

250 print copies and electronic version of training manual disseminated

21.500 printcopies of FGM prevention brochure disseminated in 5 EU Member States

1 European Exchange Meeting for Agents and Champions

1 EUwide conference in Berlin

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