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NAME: Universität Vechta

COUNTRY: Germany

TITLE: -EU Roadmap for Referral Pathways on Early/Forced Marriage targeting frontline professionals

AMOUNT: EUR 328 193


Project description:Objectives:

to obtain and integrate victim/expert feedback on an integrated, multiprofessional EU Roadmap for Referral Pathways on early or forced marriage or forced sexual relationships for frontline professionals throughout the EU.

to implement and evaluatethe EU Roadmap with multisectoral actors (child protection system actors, health sector, law enforcement, education and childcare,justice, victim support services) in contact with victims or potential victims of harmful practices in 5 Member States (AT, DE, FR,PT, UK)

to disseminate the EU Roadmap in the EU Member States via the project partners and in the European Region via the UnitedNations Population Fund network.


Analysis and consultation on the EU Roadmap via victims/potential victims and national/EU experts (UNICEF, EU Plan Office, Equality Now, Eurochild)

Pilot the EU Roadmap in the 5 partner countries through multiprofessional focus groups, national expert interviews and facetoface interviews with victims or potential victims

Implementation and evaluation of the EU Roadmap for 12 months in 5 support service organisations (1 per partner country) and dissemination of the Roadmap across the UNFPA network

Dissemination in EU and Eastern Europe/Central Asia to have a sustainable impact outside of EU borders

Type and number of persons benefiting from the project:

Victims and potential victims of early/forced marriage or forced sexual relationships who seek assistance from frontline professionals (number of persons cannot be predicted as few estimates exist of incidence)

Frontline multidisciplinary professionals in the partner countries (50 specialised professionals in total; 10 per country).

Genderbased violence/child rights advocates in Eastern European/Central Asia (200), country officers (200) and YPEER network(100) who have multiplier effects throughout Region.

Expected results:

Improved victim assistance for victims and potential victims of early or forced marriage or forced sexual relationships and their families, peers in the 5 project partner countries and inEurope/Central Asia through UNFPA

Improved knowledge of harmonised, best practice standards for referral pathways by frontline professionals, child protection/law enforcement/education/childcare/justice/health actors

Increased awareness of the applicability ofthe EU Roadmap of Referral Pathway on early/forced marriage throughout the gender focal points in the European Region via dissemination by UNFPA and through a wide range of nongovernmental organisations and voluntary organisations that are working directly withchildren at risk of forced marriage and/or its consequences.

Type and number of outputs to be produced:

1 Working paper of existing national guides on forced/early marriage; identification of gaps in English

5 multidisciplinary focus groups, 15 narrative interviews with victims, 15 expert interviews, 1 Guideline on focus group/interview methodology

1 Project website in English, 8 Social Media updates, 10 newspaper/magazine/blog in English or partner language

1 EU Roadmap for Referral Pathways, 50 pages on early/forced marriage/forced sexual relationships for frontline professionals in 5 languages (English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian) as programmatic tool for MS

1 Evaluation report, 30 pages in English of the implementation of the EU Roadmap in the 5 partner countries

5 national Dissemination Plans 10 pages each and 1 Dissemination Plan, 15 pages UNFPA activities

1 Awarenessraising report on rights of young victims and potential victims with regards to harmful practices to target youth via the YPEER network and written in collaboration with youth

1 Final project report to DG Justice in English

1 Public summary document of the project, 4 pages in English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian

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