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NAME: Universidad Rey Juan Carlos


TITLE: -Multisectorial Academic Programme to prevent and combat

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM/C)

AMOUNT: EUR 668 312,5


Project description:Objectives

Specific Objective. To promote an integral and multisectorial approach to prevent and combat FGM/C through training, capacity building and development of expertise among University students, professors and professionals in European host countries.


A.0.1 4. Management & Coordination activities.

A.1. Establisment of Drafting Committee of Multisectorial Training Guide (MTG)

A.2. Development, Review and Approval of MTG.

A.3. Adaptation to national contexts, translation to 5 languages and publicationof MTG.

A.4. Meetings/Workshops with professors & rectors of partner universities.

A.5. Development of an integrated and multisectorial course on FGM/C in curricula and planning of the courses (including meetings of Curriculum Development Committee).

A.6. Course teaching of professors.

A.7. Course teaching of students.

A.8. Preparation of 4 seminars, dissemination and media work.

A.9. 4international academic multisectorial seminars with participation of experts, professionals, public administration and NGOs.

A.10.Publication of seminars memories in English and national language of hosting university.

A.11. External evaluation of results of the project (including initial and final survey among students and professors) and drafting of recommendations.

A.12. Set up and update of a multilanguages website to disseminate activities, outcomes and publications.

A.13. Realization of a short animated videoon FGM/C


Direct Beneficiaries:

500 Students & 50 professors (training during the project).

100 Professors, 300 students & 200 professionals (seminars).

10000 students, professors & professionals (guide, video and website).

Indirect beneficiaries:

94000 possible victims in Spain, Portugal, Italy & Belgium.

Expected results

E.R.1. Awareness, knowledge and skills of professionals and future professionals to prevent and eliminate FGM/C from a Human Rights Based Approach and Gender Equality perspective developed though a multisectorial guide published in six (6) languages.

R.E.2. An integrated and multisectorial course on FGM included in the curricula of Medicine, Nursery, Midwifery, Law, Social Work, Education and International Development in 5 Universities in Belgium, Spain, Italy & Portugal.

R.E.3. Awareness, knowledge and skills of academic community, professors, researchers, public administration and NGOs about FGM, raised through international multidisciplinary academic seminars, multilanguages website and animation video.

E.R.4. 500 university students who will be in contact with FGM/C victims/possible victims will receive an integral training to effectively prevent and protect.

E.R.5. Academic cooperation and mutual learning on FGM/C developped between EU countries& with countries of origin (Guinea Bissau, Gambia, Tanzania, Senegal & Somalia).


Output 1. Multisectorial Training guideon FGM/C for students and professionals developed by international experts published in 6 languages.

Output 2. Comprehensive curriculum on FGM/C developed for 5 pilot Universities, based on Multisectorial Training Guide.

Output 3. 500 students graduated in Medicine, Nursery, Law, Social Work, International Cooperation, Anthropology and Education, trained how to better prevent and combat FGM and assist victims.

Output 4. 50 professors prepared to teach their students on FGM/C prevention and elemination in 6 Universities.

Output 5. 4 international seminars hold with participation of experts from European countries and countries of origin.

Output 6.4 seminars conclusions disseminated among academic community, researchers, public administration and NGO’s.

Output 7. External evaluation report with recommendations and surveys among students and professors published.

Output 8. Webpage with activities, results& publications of the project created, updated and disseminated (3 months newsletter).

Output 9. Short animated video on FGM/C produced & disseminated in 6 languages.

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