Appendix to Needs Assessment Report

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Appendix 2 Written Responses
This appendix includes a complete list of comments provided by respondents on the survey. We have not corrected spelling errors.
States listed as States of Residence by Out of State Residents on the Survey

New York - 5

Georgia - 6

Alabama - 4

Tennessee - 2

Maryland - 2

Louisiana - 2


New Hampshire

Kentucky (but raised in Orlando, Florida)

New Mexico


North Carolina


Pennsylvania (recently moved here from Escambia Co. FL where I was for 2 years)


Professional archaeologists/Heritage professionals (306 respondents)
Briefly describe what FPAN means to you. (What is their purpose? What do they do?)

  1. Public outreach to promote the value and preservation of archaeological resources in Florida

  2. Provide much "sought after" education that is not easy to find instructors for...

  3. To educate and inform the public about our collective heritage.

  4. They act as a liaison between the public and the science of archaeology. They provide assistance to the counties that each office serves with regard to archaeology, anthropology research. They promote awareness in effort to protect the cultural resources by stimulation a sense of individual stewardship.

  5. FPAN is an outreach program that brings the public easy access to professional archaeologist to answer questions about archaeology and educate the public about archaeological sites in the area. The outreach programs assist local and state agencies educate the public about specific sites and impact of the public.

  6. The are part of a state network aligning current archaeological data bases. And more.

  7. Outreach to the public and professional assistance to other agencies and governments concerning archaeological matters.

  8. FPAN exists to inform the public about archaeology in Florida, help the public protect archaeological resources, help the state Division of Historic Resources, and help local governments craft better legislation to protect those resources. It does these things in a variety of ways, from working with local schools and organizations, to working directly with local governments, to surveying sites, to having public displays, etc.

  9. Provides information to the public. Conducts programs to provide that information.

  10. I work for a local government which cannot afford to have a staff archaeologist so FPAN is an invaluable educational resource to me. They provide expert assistance when dealing with changes to our designated archaeological sites. They have also provided both staff education in addressing impacts to our resources, and assisted in educating the public about the importance of archaeology and artifacts.

  11. FPAN is a clearinghouse of information related to best practices throughout the State for the preservation of archaeological resources.

  12. Read FL Statute 267 . That's suppose to be their purpose.

  13. They have done very little. Surely not enough to warrant their nearly 2 million dollar budget.

  14. Their job is to educate and advocate on behalf of below-ground resources. Much of the work I understand FPAN does is to attend events so that they will have a maximum visibility and ability to work with the public.

  15. FPAN reflect on culture; network with other businesses.

  16. A resource to access. I manage historic bldgs. & cultural sites for DEP/Florida Park Service and use every tool possible to manage accordingly.

  17. They promote and educate the public understanding of Florida's archaeological heritage.

  18. FPAN has promoted our Crystal River Archaeological State Park to the general public and also in the many schools and educational organizations throughout this area of Florida. This has greatly increased the teachers and staffs ability to insure quality programs given in this State Park.

  19. Nothing - I have NO idea about this network...

  20. FPAN has been a tremendous partner in providing education to the public. We collaborate with FPAN on teacher training workshops, events, projects, and educating school children. They have proved to be a valuable resource and partnership with our institution.

  21. To inform the public about our archaeological resources and heritage. To help the public understand what archaeology is about.

  22. Actually, have never had any involvement with FPAN. I do not know anything about it.

  23. An organization that conducts archaeological research studies, interprets findings, and works with the public to promote cultural heritage.

  24. FPAN helps educate the public about Florida's rich archaeological heritage

  25. Helps promote cultural heritage to the private sector and citizens; provides guidance to people with related questions.

  26. Provide help to communities to preserve historic archaeological sites

  27. Tool to enhance educational and interpretative objectives.

  28. Tool to improve educational and interpretation objectives.

  29. FPAN is supposed to bring archaeology to the general public.

  30. FPAN contributes to my education, which I will be completing in Spring 2010, at which time I will be a professional Anthropologist.

  31. Public outreach, education, facilitator, small archaeological projects that are public in nature.

  32. I means for communicating with other historical groups and entities in my region. It allows for networking, and more effective community ties.

  33. They are a great resource on educating the public on the importance of Florida's cultural resources. By doing this and many, many more things they are helping to protect these irreplaceable both historic and archaeological resources. I love the public outreach programs that they provide to the community themselves and the assistance that they provide to other organizations with similar missions. They are an invaluable resource in providing quality heritage tourism, and an improved both quantitative (economic benefit) and also an improved quantifiable benefit (quality of life).

  34. you know that is a good question, And I do not know the answer

  35. FPAN has been a very positive force in Florida over the last few years. The cause of public archaeology has been forwarded well. This is especially true as FDHR has back away from public outreach due to increasing travel restrictions.

  36. Public outreach and education and assist DHR

  37. My involvement with FPAN primarily involves loans of artifact material to members of FPAN

  38. To provide information to the public and government agencies on Archaeology and Preservation in Florida.

  39. Provide public access to archaeological information, resources and research results.

  40. FPAN does public outreach in archaeology, conservation, and facilitates state and federal agencies

  41. Awareness of our past culture and history in this area.

  42. Outstanding connection to a professional group who is willing to partner with the National Park Service in conducting park programs for all ages.

  43. They "fill in the cracks" between academic archaeology and cultural resource management conducted by private firms under contract or by personnel in federal and state agencies. Oftentimes, they have critical connections with local community leaders that facilitate historic preservation projects.

  44. I am unfamiliar with this group and their activities.

  45. It is an innovating way of reaching the public and is one of the finest in the country.

  46. Provides an informational forum

  47. Provides contacts for archeological work

  48. Provides information for project reviews

  49. The research done by FPAN is valuable to every Florida resident. From our past we learn how to live in the future. FPAN offers a "go to" place for institutions such as Historical Museums.

  50. FPAN reaches out to the public to inform them about archaeology, issues related to preservation, and the importance in appreciating our past.

  51. Inform the public about our collective history.

  52. Sarah Miller has arranged many excellent programs and lectures. She has become a well known and highly respected director for all of her hard work and responsiveness to the public.

  53. I am not too familiar with the organization, but support groups that promote historic preservation and public awareness of our state resources.

  54. FPAN is a valuable resource for government agencies and the public. FPAN assists and advises local governments, provides public outreach in schools, parks, and other forums, and promotes local cultural resources.

  55. Provides information regarding archaeology and archaeological sites, and employs staff who can provide technical assistance or help regarding archaeology in the area.

  56. An organization which seeks to increase public awareness of, and support for, archaeology and historic preservation. The most effective way to do this is through open, public events which allow direct interaction with the non-professional (and non-avocational) public.

  57. FPAN is the link and coordination of archaeology history, research and issues between the State of Florida DHR, the FAS chapters and the general public including Florida residents and visitors. Their main mission is education of the public, but they also play a role in investigating and informing about archaeology discoveries, legal violations to State law, and supporting the local FAS Chapters in their missions.

  58. A vehicle to get archeology science and research to the public in an entertaining, dynamic and education manner.

  59. FPAN's purpose is to provide the public insights and understanding of the history of an area brought through archaeological studies. FPAN's primary purpose is to teach what archaeology is, how it is done, and showcases archaeological studies done in regions within the state of Florida.

  60. I have a major project in a remote part of Peru. We donate 3 star lodges to remote villages near major archaeological ruins so they get this income to give them the incentive to protect their archaeological and ecological resources. I have given talks to the anthropological society which I am a member, about ruins that we were the first to be shown with mummies and many artifacts. So far it seems that the Archaeological Society does not want regular non archaeologist members to do programs, despite these being more interesting than most programs done by "insiders protecting their turf".

  61. information dissemination

  62. Save resources, alert the public

  63. Public outreach, a liaison making accessible the institution and cultural resources of the state to its citizens.

  64. They are suppose to educate the public PLUS provide guidance to local government to develop historic preservation ordinances, etc

  65. FPAN stimulates interest in the public to promote a general understanding of the value of archaeological resources. FPAN serves as the face of archaeology to the lay-public-- many misanthropic anthropologists love their job but loathe speaking to the public, and FPAN bridges the gap between the dirty work and the public perception.

  66. No meaning to me and I have no idea regarding a legitimate purpose for this organization.

  67. The Florida Public Archaeology Network, as far as I know, serves as a vehicle to disseminate information to the public on the importance of archaeological/cultural resources within the state of Florida. They have outreach programs that work with various local agencies (schools, clubs, and other organizations). The develop educational materials for schools and also participate in archaeological investigations (these are not meant to compete with CRM firms).

  68. That is a good question. I do notn see the FPAN center doing much to promote heritage

  69. Public out reach for archaeology and preservation. Beyond the FPAN web site, presentations at FAS and FAC meetings, I'm not real sure what they do. Maybe some out reach to local professional archaeologists by each chapter would help the situation.

  70. FPAN is at the forefront at disseminating information about archaeology and

  71. I am not very familiar with this organization. I am a member of others such as the Randell Research Center, and the Society for Primitive Technology.

  72. The Florida Public Archaeology Network fulfills a necessary role of educating the public about the importance of Florida's heritage and engaging people in activities to continue to stay interested in its benefits to the State.

  73. A very useful organization that will aid in bringing together research from across the state, involve non-professionals in archaeological work, and help investigate endangered sites that otherwise would not be examined.

  74. I am an anthropologist who has worked with archaeologists primarily on projects in Oaxaca, Mexico. I retired to Florida after a career working in museums and teaching ( I also taught anthropology for several years at Gulf Coast Community College after I moved here). There is little or no archaeology in Bay County so it has been good to have FPAN as a archaeological presence here.

  75. I have had no interaction with the FPAN. I would guess they promote archaeological education and awareness.

  76. FPAN has been able to provide our museum and myself access to knowledgeable professionals to refer members of the public, visitors to our museum, and staff to for information and to get questions answered quickly and accurately thereby giving us the ability to serve our community better.

  77. This is the first I've heard of FPAN.

  78. Engage the public in what archaeology is, and how it is beneficial to them and their history

  79. One of the important elements in the preservation of our history and heritage.

  80. FPAN is the state's mechanism by which archaeological research is delivered to the public. Too frequently the public's perception is that archaeological research is done for research sake and has no connection to the public at large. FPAN is an attempt to show the connection and value of archaeology to local communities.

  81. FPAN has been extremely helpful in interpreting our resources, documenting them and guiding us in protection and preservation. They have also assisted us in making our resources available to all park users. Those who wish to recreate and those who wish to learn about our archeological areas.

  82. coordinate and support archaeological activities in the state and promote archaeology/history.

  83. Education, lectures, workshops

  84. FPAN promotes public awareness or archaeology and support for protection of archaeological resources. FPAN works with local government to protect archaeological resources.

  85. FPAN promotes public awareness of archaeology and preservation through educational programs and volunteer opportunities. FPAN works with local governments to promote protection and awareness of archaeological resources.

  86. FPAN is responsible for helping Floridians know about our history that is underground that they do not see or do not realize that is under their feet. They do it through educational programs, marketing, research and participating in the planning and development process.

  87. FPAN is an amazing organization...I teach an upper level Anthropology/Archaeology High School elective and their assistance cannot be measured. From assisting me w/ school site digs to doing archaeological lectures and activities in my classes to demonstrating the art of flint knapping....FPAN is great. They have stirred interest in my students and many of them have attended the IN THE DIRT lectures, w/me, at the college. I have attended their teacher in-service sessions and I have been able to use the material presented, in my classes. I do believe that the personnel at the East Central office in Brevard County are the key to the success of my program at the high school....and the popularity of the IN THE DIRT lectures and the wonderful ways they get this archaeological information to the public is professional and very informative....and it starts at the top w/Dr. Rachel Wentz and her competent staff. They are great communicators and teachers....and we are all lucky to have them. Her lectures at my school on Forensics Anthropology have motivated some of my students to go into this field of study... as stated earlier FPAN is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. My perception is that FPAN is an educational outreach organization that promotes, supports, and educates the public about archaeology and why preserving the past is important.

  89. FPAN is an outstanding resource regarding information about archaeology and archaeological sites in our area, and employs very helpful professionals who provide that information, including on site visits.

  90. FPAN is a great bridge between the public and the professional realm of archaeology. Many archaeologist do not have the time to do much public outreach (a little here and there) so FPAN is a great tool to assist and educated the public on archaeology

  91. Assistance with educational programming, archaeological questions and general guidance pertaining to the heritage and archaeology of the Florida panhandle.

  92. I see FPAN primarily as an Educational Outreach organization designed to inform students and the general public about the fascinating archaeological discoveries that have been made and are currently underway in Florida.

  93. Educate the public regarding Florida's earliest history including plant and animal life, changing climate and geographic conditions, ethno botany and early human settlement.

  94. They play a very important role in educating the public about Florida's earliest history, before written records, so archaeologists are needed to interpret artifacts and other evidence of centuries before Europeans "discovered" Florida. They give very informative, engaging presentations about different eras, cultural groups, and perspectives to all age audiences.

  95. I work as a school district administrator. The Florida Public Archaeology Network has worked with our district as professional development consultants. The FPAN has provided our teachers wonderful in-service and resources. Our participating teachers could not have been more positive about the great information and resources that they received through this professional development. We really appreciate the eagerness and gracious willingness of these wonderful folks at FPAN in working with our school district!

  96. FPAN's network of archaeologists and regional centers provides heritage education programming, resources, and support to individuals and institutions around the state.

  97. Nothing as of yet, although it might be because I'm not sure of the FPAN role and whether it replaced the DHR in Tallahassee or is it in conjunction with it, etc. Honestly, I bit of background info. would be helpful.

  98. I have looked at the website once or twice as well.

  99. FPAN has visited Bonnet House Museum & Gardens for lectures, student programs, guide training, Family Days (talking to local families about archaeology in FL). They have brought new life to Archaeology in Florida by spotlighting areas where people can learn more about the History of Florida. FPAN helps people learn why we need to preserve our past for future generations.

  100. Create opportunities for learning through school programs and professional development.

  101. Conducting public programs and providing archaeology information about FL and assisting local governments and counties by providing resources and assistance in getting their archaeology sites preserved and to assist the state of FL Archaeology Department to promote their mission statement.

  102. I think that they are a very important vehicle for educating the public about Florida' archeological resources. I love to have them at any of our events or to give a talk for the staff at MacArthur Beach State Park.

  103. public awareness of archaeology, public involvement

  104. Educating the public about the value of archaeological resources and stewardship.

  105. I don't know what it is

  106. Fpan is there to assist the public and professionals, as well as government groups in promoting and preserving Florida's archaeological and historical resources

  107. Great education tool for the public. Their work makes both general public and governing agencies aware of archaeology and its role in our world.

  108. A great way to bring each person's idea(s) and/or question(s) to a common area (network) to be discussed/answered and explore for further information.

  109. Apparently they are a collection of archaeology professionals.

  110. Provide public education about historic preservation and archaeology

  111. as well as other services that might enhance the publics ability to

  112. understand, protect, and conserve Florida's cultural resources.

  113. FPAN is a primary agent by which the citizens of, and visitors to, our state are introduced to multiple ways of knowing our past -- through anthropology, archaeology, and history.

  114. FPAN was established to fill a void in public education and outreach that was not being fully accomplished by agencies or academic professionals. Although I was very involved in helping FPAN get started, I have not had a close relationship since I left the board. I believe that the Network has had a well-defined and appropriate mission and organization for its early growth years. Since then, many external and internal factors are rapidly changing, and I hope this planning effort will address issues like declining funding at all levels that has led to downsizing, doing less with less, and loss of ability as well as visibility.

  115. The non-professional constituency in Florida seems to be aging, with few young recruits. As I become less active as a professional in Florida, and more like a member of the general public, I must say I hear little to nothing about FPAN or public archaeology as a result of FPAN in the general media. I hope there are ways to expand the audience and the message. FPAN represents proportionally a large part of professional archaeology effort in the state, and I hope there are more innovative and effective ways to reach the public in the future. I am often struck by how dated and less than relevant we can appear to the public. I know that other fields do a much better job of capturing the public attention, imagination and commitment. We have a great story but we don't seem to market it very well.

  116. Maybe FPAN can be the group to take advantage of social networking and use technology in a more active than passive way. A blog would be nice as would small videos or podcasts about events or sites that could be linked to and shared. I doubt many people check in with FPAN's web site on a regular basis as a way of finding out what's new or interesting in Florida archaeology; it seems to me that you should be broadcasting and disseminating widely and frequently with potential for being shared widely by others. You should have regular mailings to your email list to keep people thinking about you and your issues. Nothing complicated, just brief accounts of events, progress, activities, staff accomplishments and so on. Be sure to include a link to unsubscribe. The email can contain links to other content of your own site or other items of interest relevant to your mission. It may be a way to involve some new folks who can make a real difference in the future conservation and enjoyment of archaeological resources. Thanks for listening. Jim Miller

  117. They share information about the archeology in Florida. They have been a valuable resource providing speakers for programs and outreach support. We hope to continue to utilize the network for programs and events in 2010. Thank you for your efforts.

  118. Assists and helps inform individuals and groups the importance of archaeology in Florida.

  119. FPAN is a vital part of the network that preserves Pensacola's history and presents this history to the public. Their museum, public presentations, and research all serve to inform visitors of the part Pensacola has played in the history of our nation.

  120. FPAN is an outreach organization of professional archaeologists who educate the public about the importance of history and heritage. They also assist history/heritage organizations throughout the state by providing valuable knowledge and resources on issues ranging from best practices on educating the public as well as technical skills required in this field.

  121. Not sure

  122. the exist to help protect the state's buried past through education and outreach.

  123. The active engagement of the public in archaeological research with particular relevance to understanding Florida's past.

  124. I am only aware of a few of their functions: regional public archaeology including I think education, in Pensacola area both exhibit and public information about regional archaeology resources (I assume museums etc.). FPAN I think also provides the centralized state FDHR/BAR offices a way communicate with regional professionals (sometimes even field visits) re: reports of threats to sites from non-professional sources that could sorely use a professional's true-false quick assessment of the situation.

  125. (Sorry I am vague- I contact individuals sometimes without being real clear what agency they are currently working for).

  126. Government entity that provides technical support and educational opportunities related cultural resources.

  127. Assistance to Fla. Division of Historical Resources in public interaction, outreach, education.

  128. provide the public with a solid foundation for the value and importance of archaeological sites, artifacts and historical context of Florida's treasures of the past.

  129. FPAN does a wonderful job of bringing archaeology (and history in general) to the public. Its staff is very visible at every heritage-related event in the Panhandle, and they are especially good at getting children to understand and appreciate the role of archaeology. FPAN supports local history and heritage, and there is no other group in the Panhandle with the staff and funding to do that. Bravo!

  130. A publicly funded resource network for information related to Florida's archaeological resources.

  131. Not really sure exactly what they do other than represent the interests of archaeology in Florida which probably includes advocacy, professional standards/training, and best practices.

  132. FPAN provides education and professional assistance and promotes public awareness about archaeology.

  133. FPAN is a statewide network of professionals dedicated to educating the public and government agencies on the significance of our finite cultural resources and the importance of protecting significant cultural resources for generations to learn from and enjoy. To assist government agencies in preservation planning; consultation and assisting FAS, FAS Chapters, FAC, and other preservation minded groups in reaching their education and outreach goals and to make history and archaeology come alive through programs for children and adults.

  134. They coordinate and publicize archeology events in NE Florida. They arrange for public archeology days, and also have a presence (booth) at various organizations' archeology-related events.

  135. FPAN Offers much needed education around the state of Florida. With cutbacks over the last 20 years or more, history of Florida education has all but been eliminated. It is vital that education remains important in our population's understanding. You cannot protect our historic treasurers for future generations...if no one knows what is in their own backyard.

  136. Promotes the public understanding of archeology.

  137. Their purpose is to bring Florida Archaeology and history to the awareness of the public. They do this through wonderful outreach projects of which many are hands-on. This is effective because when people physically touch history they connect with it and want to learn more.

  138. This is a great program aimed at bringing archaeology to the public. Their outreach staff has been extremely helpful in supporting the programs at Gulf Islands National Seashore - from the Boy Scout Merit Badge Clinic to the ever-popular Junior Ranger programs, FPAN's staff have brought an impressive level of professionalim to public archaeology, while maintaining a friendly and accessible demeanor

  139. that puts the public at ease and receptive to learning. My sincere appreciation goes out to FPAN staff - both past and present - for all they do to bring our shared heritage to the citizenry of the Florida Panhandle and beyond.

  140. No comment

  141. FPAN brings archeology to the public to educate and engage the public about the role and value of archeology in the public arena. This is done by providing a non-academic forum for contact between professional archelogists and the general public through exhibits, field trips, and providing a presence at community events.

  142. Advocational organization fostering an appreciation of the discipline of archaeology and archaeological resources through public outreach.

  143. Education, outreach

  144. I am a Public Historian and use FPAM as a resource for research.

  145. A state institution dedicated to public outreach and education. Providing opportunities for the general public to get involved with archaeology and develop a stewardship for the preservation and conservation of our cultural and archaeological heritage.

  146. FPAN introduces the public to archaeology and highlights the diverse cultures uncovered by archaeologists throughout the State of Florida.

  147. Educate the public about History

  148. FPAN provides educational programs on the importance of archeaology as part of the heritage of Florida. It also works to help preserve the few prehistoric sites still here.

  149. Public outreach.

  150. FPAN provides access to and education about archaeology in the state of Florida.

  151. I did not know they exist, but am happy to learn they do. Indian River has a site that needs protecting and a group to advocate for it.

  152. FPAN is important because it adds meaning to the archaeological record by bringing it to light publicly. These efforts enrich the lives of local citizens and raise awareness about the need for preservation. Without FPAN and other public archaeology efforts, much of the record remains gray--a largely unknown knowledge, which risks becoming just rote exercise.

  153. FPAN has assisted our organization on many occasions from partnerships during Florida Archaeology Month, public education programs at our site, suggestions for the preservation of our historic site and more. Sarah and Amber at the St. Augustine Public Archaeology Regional Center are always available when we have questions or need information. They have assisted us to bring an audience who would not have otherwise been attracted to the site.

  154. FPAN provides public outreach on the significance of archaeology to communities in Florida, offers help navigating governmental offices and organizations to protect archaeological and historical sites for professionals, and organizes information on the archaeology of the state for a range of organizations and interested individuals.

  155. I have worked with FPAN since I first heard about the network about three years ago. It has been a professional partner that has provided us (Miami-Dade County) with additional advice and guidance regarding heritage programs and policy. They fullfil their goal by acting as intricate partners and providing professional advice to public and private entities.

  156. FPAN exists to increase the public's awareness of the significance and fragility of Florida's distinctive archaeological resources. FPAN partners with community governments around the state to help protect these resources, and it provides "feet on the ground" assistance in each Florida county for the Division of Historical Resources.

  157. Archaeological education, interpretation, and research

  158. FPAN is on the frontline to help interpret academic archaeology and archaeological sites to the general public. Through doing this it is hoped that the importance of not just the preservation of sites in conveyed, but also why it is important to study the past.

  159. help educate the public re archaeology and the protection of the resources

  160. FPAN helps to preserve the historical sights of this area and helps to bring awareness of the heritage to the public.

  161. Helps reach the public which in turn feeds historical sites and objects that would not otherwise be recorded or known about. Also gives on site connection at local history facilities as well as to the local educational facilities. This outreach is a very valuable asset for our area.

  162. Their purpose is to raise the awareness of the public regarding Florida archaeology.

  163. FPAN presents a number of programs that I find useful for my continuing education, and also programs for my students to attend to broaden their knowledge.

  164. I believe the purpose of FPAN should be to educate the public, especially children and teenagers, about the amazing bounty of archaeological resources in Florida and the extent to which they can teach us about our collective past. I know FPAN helps with archaeological festivals and teaches classes or workshops at local schools. I know some staff also attend archaeology and diving conferences, but I'm not sure if that always that promotes FPAN's mission.

  165. Educational outreach, advising local governments, protection of archaeological and historical resources.

  166. FPAN facilitates the interface between professional archaeologists and the lay public. They educate the public in why protecting cultural resources is important, and what they can do to help. Assist the public in conducting small scale salvage work.

  167. FPAN has been very effective in supplying both physical assistance in the field moral support to local archaeology in New Smyrna, both essential services. The availability of GPR survey, for example, was the most recent contribution to local research. I think the public programs are good.

  168. The purpose of FPAN is to raise public awareness of Florida's archaeological heritage through public outreach.

  169. To educate the public about what archaeologists do and to act as a public "face" of archaeology in certain situations (such as when a site is encountered unexpectedly during construction). It is especially important for them to reach out to schools and to teachers--If we teach kids correctly now, they will in turn teach their kids about archaeology someday. And some of them will grow up to be legislators or others responsible for much of the funding of archaeology. By interacting with many universities, they are also able to make sure that archaeology is properly represented in emergency situations or hearings where university-based archaeologists may be too busy to respond.

  170. FPAN is an organization focused on sharing archaeology (conducted in a responsible manner) with the public - a great service since a lot of archaeology is driven by public funding. They also help protect cultural resources through education. This is what I would consider to be the most important function. The only way to protect and properly utilize cultural resources is to have as many people educated on their importance as possible.

  171. Preserve Historical sites and History of Florida Heritage.

  172. public archeology ... don't know

  173. Archaeology gives us the 'nuts and bolts' background to the genealogies that we research and discover. It gives us an understanding of what the time and place was like, the conditions our ancestors experienced, their lifestyle and the hardships that they overcame.

  174. Educating the public about archaeology.

  175. They record archaeological sites and provide educational information about Florida's history.

  176. Our local FPAN folks help us with our historical cemtery projects, they also offer many great lectures and learning opportunities. We love them !

  177. Cheerleaders for archaeology to get the general public interested and informed.

  178. Provide the general public with activities and publications that make archaeology relevant to them.

  179. Information for public school students

  180. FPAN doesn't mean much to me, because, frankly, in Southwest Florida, the previous occupant of that position used her position to get her husband work...She was "retired" thanks to the corageous efforts of Marian Almy, Archaeological Consultants, Inc. The premise the "network" is based on is at best a faulty one, and I don't see their impact improving...

  181. Source of trustworthy info!

  182. FPAN means outreach and community connection. I have a great opinion of FPAN and their success.

  183. Provide professional assistance in cultural resource management issues.

  184. They introduce the public to archaeology and share related information with the public.

  185. Raising awareness of archaeology and importance of preservation of historic sites.

  186. public outreach, provide digging oppurtunities

  187. FPAN is an educational resource. It is a place where the public can go to learn more about archaeology. It is an organization that offers public programs to help educate the public about the true nature of archaeology.

  188. Outreach, assistance to locals to get connected with their resources, and state resources that will enable them to preserve and interpret those local resources for all.

  189. A great way for the public to better understand the archaeology of their home area.

  190. FPAN works to raise the visibility of archaeology and archaeological resources through education, public outreach, and collaborations.

  191. I believe the main purpose is to work with the public to foster stewardship over archaeological and historical resources and to educate the public about archaeological practice and findings

  192. they hand out freebees at conferences

  193. Serve as the "face" of archaeology for the public, offer interpretive services to education development. Development preservation strategies and implement same for important sites across the state.

  194. FPAN helps make archaeiology relavent to the public through edcuation and experiential learning activities.

  195. FPAN staff brings knowledge about local pre-history and archaeological history, archaeology as a science and learning about the environments in which previous societies were located to a public that might not otherwise receive such information. Such groups might include professional organizations, general culture gropus, formal school classes and more.

  196. public education and outreach, promotes conservation and protection of cultural resources

  197. Peserve Protect and Promote Florida's Archaeology

  198. Education of the public about the importance of our archaeological resources is the primary purpose of FRAN.

  199. We at UWF work closely with them on projects and idea swaps so neither of us is repeating what the other plans and does.

  200. FPAN means there is someone to come and talk to my classroom of students about archaeology and possibly give my students ideas of what type of careers are available in that area. I very much enjoy hearing about historical items found or displayed after an archaeologist has discovered them.

  201. Florida Public Archaeological Network, does regional programs in NE Florida that have to do with archaeology. Many lectures and interesting events.

  202. A network of archeologist, organizations & affiliations throughout FL that coordiante on the state's archeological/historical resources by sharing information & resources of all types in efforts to better understand the history & cultures of FL. For me personally, it is extremely reassuring to know that these folks are there networking, researching, theorizing, discovering, outreaching, documenting & most importantly looking after & protecting our historical treasures as FL has the/some of the oldest settlements in the Americas. Having the network in place shows people all over the world that FL takes it's history seriously is making great strides to document & preserve it & (hopefully) make it available for all to discover & enjoy.

  203. FPAN brings archaeology to the public. It shows them what we, as professionals, do and why what we do is so important. They do a great job of involving many different kinds of people in archaeology and making archaeology accessible.

  204. FPAN is a community outreach organization that educates and informs the public on county and state archaeological resources.

  205. i believe their purpose is to educate the public about archaeology and what it can mean to us

  206. Not sure, you are all over the place. One center does education and another center does something else.

  207. FPAN helps to increase public awareness of archaeological interpretation and stewardship issues in teh state of Florida

  208. FPAN provide educational outreach assistance to both the general public and amatuer archaeologists

  209. FPAN is a network of individual centers that focus on the need of each region. They customize outreach, education, and historic preservation for the region in which they fall. FPAN is an ally where few exist archaeology and cultural resource management.

  210. Educate public about Archaeology matters, assist with/ conduct field work, act as a resource for municipalities

  211. FPAN is an oganization established by the State DHR in coordination with regional suppport/host institutions throughou Florida. The purpose is to developed and foster working relationships between public citizens and public Cultural Resource Managers at State, County and Municipal levels.

  212. They mean help, support, backing when dealing with the public and elected officals. They help stress the importance of archaeological reasorces and historic tourism.

  213. FPAN brings archaeology out of the esoteric ether and into classrooms, social events, and general life.

  214. I represent the Perdido Bay Tribe of Southeastern Lower Muscogee Creek Indians. Our goals are to learn and share with others the beauty and value of our cultural & historical heritage. Our members enjoy the opportunity to help fulfill these goals through our participation in FPAN community events with our mobile museum and cultural exhibits & programs. The summer learning programs for children are especially meaningful.

  215. FPAN is an excellent outreach source to the community at large to help the public understand the reach archaeology in the area. FPAN assists in archaeological endeavors throughout the community and works together diligently with the University of West Florida, and other heritage groups to assist in disbursing crucial knowledge about the history and archaeology of the Northwest Florida area.

  216. Preserving archeological treasures

  217. Educate the public about archaeology and provide opportunities for the public to participate in archaeological projects. Not compete with professional archaeological business entities.

  218. It seems that its purpose is educational outreach

  219. They provide education to the general public through direct contact and assistance to other agencies.

  220. Florida Public Archaeology Network...jk.

  221. Their purpose is to bring archaeology, and its importance to the public. They do this through many avenues of outreach. They also serve as facilitators between prof archaeologists who don't really know much about public outreach and the public.

  222. To help stem the rapid deterioration of Florida's archaeological sites and resources through educating and engaging the public with their past.

  223. FPAN admirably serves a niche that is unfortunately lacking in many states; it provides a public face to archaeology that goes on everyday but to which the public is largely oblivious. I teach at a large public university, conduct research and publish my findings. But the only people who know of all that I do are my students and fellow avocational or professional archaeologists who read the journals within which I publish. FPAN is vitally necessary, because it gives an easy outlet to the public, informing all and with a little luck, inspiring a handful into doing this for a living.

  224. FPAN is of vital importance to Florida for a variety of reasons. Overall they are a great voice for our archaeological heritage. They provide an enormous educational benefit for the people of Florida, from school systems to folks at large. They also provide very, very important support for museums and other organizations with a heritage mission, especially smaller ones or those less well established, but really for all such groups across the board. This includes local governments as well. In many different, but coordinated, ways they contribute to the preservation of and education about our archaeological heritage, which is more important than ever in Florida's current economic clime.

  225. FPAN is devoted to educating the public about the archaeological resources of Florida in an effort to protect those resources.

  226. Public outreach, resource center, heritage education museum, and generally nowadays a fundamental component of the archaeological landscape of Florida.

  227. " promote and facilitate the conservation, study, and public understanding of Florida's archaeological heritage through regional centers."

  228. FPAN is a valuable entity and is intrumental in reaching out and educating the public about the importance of archaeology in Florida, the need for the public's involvement, and the necessity to protect and preserve our cultura herirage and resources for future generations.

  229. Conduct public outreach, education and archaeological, cultural resource preservation activities.

  230. I work form the Florida Park Service. FPAN has assisted our park by providing onsite programs for our visitors. This has been an invaluable resource for our park. I have also attended several meeting and trainings that they have provided in St. Johns County. These training have provided a wealth of information to me and my staff.

  231. Bring archaeology to the general public; enhance its visibility and teach kids about it so they can grow up to appreciate and conserve cultural resources

  232. FPAN is meant to show people that archaeology exists in Florida which will enable the preservation of the past.

  233. provide archaeological education outreach and assistance to heritage stakeholders

  234. FPAN's purpose is to stem the rapid loss of Florida's cultural resources through action and education. They educate the public, assist local government, and support DHR.

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