Appendix d two-Party Politics Part 1: Matrix Complete

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Appendix D

Two-Party Politics
Part 1: Matrix
Complete the matrix by describing the beliefs and ideals of each of the parties.
Generate a list of at least 10 of President Jefferson’s decisions and actions. Decide which party’s ideals are most aligned with the decision or action and provide an explanation of why the decision or action aligns with that party.

Decisions and Actions

Democratic-Republican Party’s Beliefs and Ideals

Federalist Party’s Beliefs and Ideals

The size of the government was reduced

The decision was supported by Democratic and Republican as they wanted a smaller government

Federalist didn’t support his decision as they wanted a larger and more stronger government

Agrarian Republic was expanded

They agree with western expansion

They did not agree with this western expansion

The Louisiana purchase

They wanted a strong relationship with France and they just agreed with the Louisiana purchase

The Federalist wanted to make a bond with the British and they didn’t support.

Writing the declaration of independence

They thought that right of all people was not protected by this and they opposed.

Federalist support Constitution.

Sent Lewis and Clark

Republican-Democratic party agreed with this as Lewis was apart from the party.

They were against it.

Alliance with France

They supported alliance with France.

They were willing to work with France and they didn’t support.

judiciary act of 1801 was repelled

They agreed.

Many federalist judges were dismissed by Jefferson as the Federalists didn’t agree.

Embargo act of 1807

Republican-Democratic party supported this economic warfare by Jefferson.

The Federalist party was against this act as this act stopped all trade. But they wanted a strong trade relationship.

Supporting the French Revolution

It was republican ideas and they supported.

They were against it as it led to mobs ruling and acquisition of property.

Alien and sedition acts was repelled

To the Democratic-Republican Party the laws were unfair and they supported repelling Alien and sedition acts.

The Federalists was against it as they created The Alien and Sedition act.

Part 2: Response
Write a 350-word response to the following question: How “Jeffersonian” was Thomas Jefferson as president?
The followers of President Thomas Jefferson or Jeffersonian made some significant changes in 1800’s. Jeffersonian was able to make almost double the size of the country. They made it possible with the Louisiana Purchase. Indian confederations were defeated by them in north and south. To establish settlement for white they opened areas of Alabama. They believed that all male citizens should have equal political opportunity. They believed in democracy and focused on republican beliefs and ideas.

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