Appendix A, Staff Report

Category 4: Minor Changes in Definitions and Updates

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Category 4: Minor Changes in Definitions and Updates

Update of background text

The proposed amendments provide extensive updates of the existing background information on dredging and dredged material disposal. (4-A)

Need for regional and local monitoring: Update

Management and monitoring efforts are necessary to help us understand and address the impacts of dredging and disposal. The RMP, which is funded in part by dredgers, provides information on the effects of contaminants in San Francisco Bay. The in-Bay disposal sites have a more limited monitoring program, while efforts for beneficial reuse sites are typically prepared on a case-by-case basis. The LTMS agencies, intend to improve and standardize monitoring programs for all disposal sites where Bay dredged material is placed. An LTMS workgroup has been established and is working on improved monitoring program for the in-Bay sites. Beneficial reuse site monitoring guidelines will then be prepared, based on the specific management and monitoring plans that are developed for the Montezuma, Hamilton, and other beneficial reuse projects. The proposed amendments update the policy on the need for regional and local monitoring, clarifying role of the RMP in meeting regional-scale monitoring needs and stressing the importance of site-specific monitoring programs at the designated in-Bay disposal sites. (4-B)

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