Appendix a officer Roles & Division of Responsibility

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Appendix A

Officer Roles & Division of Responsibility

Tokushima AJET Executive Committee 2015-2016


  • Tracks internal budgeting for AJET

  • Deals with all money matters, functioning as the point person for inflow and outflow of cash for AJET events

  • Works with relevant committee members or other persons on any money-related issues

  • Responsible for an up-to-date budget of all expenditures, viewable by all AJET executive committee members


  • For every AJET event, responsible for taking pictures themselves, designating a photographer, or procuring pictures from attendees for yearbook/website use directly after each AJET event

  • Natural editor-in-chief for the annual yearbook, but may defer that responsibility by appointing a suitable candidate within Tokushima AJET.

  • Chair of Yearbook Committee

External Coordinator

  • Handles PR and community engagement with people and organizations outside of JET

  • Reaches out to neighboring communities or neighboring AJET chapters to encourage participation in Tokushima/Tokushima AJET events

  • Maintains a calendar of external and non-AJET events, advocating that AJET events are scheduled to allow maximum community participation in both AJET and non-AJET events

Executive Committee Internal Coordinator

  • Writes and keeps internal meeting minutes for use within the Tokushima AJET executive committee

  • On a regular basis, writes and publishes online via social media, minutes containing a digest of executive committee activities to encourage organizational transparency

  • Maintains a calendar of internal dates and deadlines to facilitate executive committee planning and decisions

Web Resource Liaison

  • Oversee AJET resources online as liaison between Tokushima AJET Executive Committee and the Web Resource Subcommittee.

  • Encourages the strengthening of community support through online resources.

  • Chair of Web Resource Committee


Each Executive Committee member shall aid in the planning and execution of all Tokushima AJET activities. However, in order to effectively manage the various responsibilities traditionally required of the Executive Committee, the roles as defined below provide a focus by delineating a point person for each event. This committee member shall endeavor to facilitate AJET activities in his or her specialized area.

Community Social Chair

  • Welcome Party

  • Burns Supper

  • Halloween/Thanksgiving

  • Sayonara Party

Subcommittee: Social/Sports Committee

Community Sports Chair

  • Shikoku Field Day

  • Rugby Tournament

  • Ultimate Frisbee

Subcommittee: Social/Sports Committee

Volunteer / Outreach Coordinator

  • CWC Visits

  • Movember Initiative

  • Track Race to the Top Hours

  • Fundraising Ideas

Subcommittee: CWC Project leaders

Travel Coordinator

  • Hiroshima

  • Yuki Matsuri

  • White-water rafting

  • Tokushima Intra-prefectural Travels

Musical Chair

  • The Tokushima AJET Musical

Subcommittee: Musical Committee
On events: The events listed are what have been traditionally headed by AJET, but by no means is it an extensive list of events possible (i.e Pub Quizzes, Black Tie Ball, Guys/Girls night, etc.)
On subcommittees: Subcommittees shall be created so long as there are individuals in the Tokushima JET community interested in serving. If there are no interested community members, a subcommittee need not be created. Subcommittee membership is entitled to all current Tokushima JET program participants. The chair of the subcommittee shall ask for volunteers; any interested current Tokushima JET who signs up shall be admitted. Other non-JET members of the Tokushima community may be approved to join a subcommittee with the permission of the subcommittee chair.

Ideally, subcommittees will create a higher degree of community participation. This can be achieved by encouraging openness through actively empowering the subcommittee, encouraging action such as polling and crowdsourcing the community, and inviting feedback both from the subcommittee and the community.

The structure and roles of individuals in each subcommittee shall be assigned at the discretion of and communicated by the subcommittee’s chair. This may include, but is not limited to: assisting in the planning and execution of AJET events; providing feedback to the chair; special independent projects overseen by the executive committee.

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