Appendix a american college of allergy, asthma & immunology antitrust and fair competition compliance policy

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DON’T make public announcements or statements about your own prices, fees or costs, or those of competitors, at any ACAAI meeting or activity.

  • DON’T speak or act on behalf of ACAAI or any of its committees unless specifically authorized to do so.

  • DO conduct all ACAAI meetings in accordance with ACAAI’s antitrust compliance policy and other ACAAI rules.

  • DO prepare meeting agendas in advance of meetings, and adhere to those written agendas.

  • DO ensure that the minutes of all meetings fully and accurately describe all actions taken at the meeting and only action items.

  • DO object to any discussions or meeting activities that appear to violate these guidelines. If the discussion continues, you should promptly excuse yourself from the group, insist that the minutes reflect your departure, and immediately communicate your objection to ACAAI’s legal counsel.

  • DO alert ACAAI staff or legal counsel about any concerns regarding proposed actions or statements to be made by ACAAI or any committee or person acting on its behalf.

  • DO consult with ACAAI’s legal counsel before making any statement that you think may involve competitively sensitive information.

  • DO ask ACAAI’s legal counsel to review all written communications that may involve competitively sensitive information before they are distributed, including newsletters, letters, speeches, presentations, and communications.

  • DO be on the alert for improper activities and don’t participate if you think something is improper.

    Adherence to these guidelines involves not only avoidance of antitrust violations, but avoidance of behavior which might be so construed. It is the ACAAI’s practice to be more cautious with respect to potentially sensitive competitive activities than the law requires.
    Bear in mind that the antitrust laws are stated in general terms, and that these guidelines only provide an overview of prohibited actions. If you have specific questions, seek guidance from your own legal counsel or from ACAAI’s Executive Director or legal counsel.
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