Appendix – XI application for Obtaining Genuineness Certificate

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Appendix – XI
Application for Obtaining Genuineness Certificate

Name of the Student

Description of the certificates to be verified (please specify)

Photo copy of the Consolidated Statement of Marks/Degree certificate to be enclosed.

Name of the Degree (Please specify





Name of the College / D.D.E/Subject Code

Register Number

Month and Year of Passing

Name and address of the Employer

Address to which the certificate is to be sent

Fee Remittance Particulars

Name of the Bank


Draft No. & Date

Amount paid in Rs.


It is informed that the following guidelines should be adhered to while seeking verification of the certificates issued by this university.

  1. With effect from 11.12.2007, a sum of Rs. 500/- (fee for request made from private organizations in India) or US $ 25/- (in the case of request from a foreign country). Along with the application form should be remitted to the University by way of Demand Draft drawn in favour of the Registrar, Mother Teresa Women’s University, payable at Kodaikanal towards verification and issue of Genuineness Certificate (for each course) issued by this University. Issue of genuineness certificate is free for educational institution and Govt. Organization in India.

  1. The agency/organization which sends the request is expected to send the photocopy of the final Consolidated Statement of Marks or Provisional Certificate. If the Convocation Degree Certificate is sent to this office, then the name of the college in which the candidate pursued the course with examination Register Number should be furnished.

  1. The Agencies/Organizations are requested to submit a separate application for each degree (if there is a need to verify more than one degree of a candidate).

  1. The applications should be sent to the Controller of Examinations. Mother Teresa Women’s University, payable at Kodaikanal.

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