AP/ib us history mr. Ludlam assignment sheet #20: The Civil Rights Movement, 1900 1970

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ASSIGNMENT SHEET #20: The Civil Rights Movement, 1900 - 1970

AMERICAN PAGEANT: Chaps. 23, 25, 31, 35, 37, 38, 39

Read pp. 512-513, 574 - 576, 741-742, 828 - 830, 890-895, 916-921, 924-927, 956-957

Read MLK’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” posted online by Thursday
QUESTIONS: Think about and answer
1. What were the similarities between Jim Crow laws and Plessy v. Ferguson?

2. Describe the different attitudes toward civil rights by WEB Dubois, Booker T. Washington, and Marcus Garvey

3. How did A. Philip Randolph and the NAACP differ in their approach toward ending discrimination in the armed services?

4. How did WWII affect the lives and hopes of African-Americans?

5. How did President Truman deal with segregation in the US armed forces?

6. What were conditions like in the North and South for Black Americans?

7. What was the significance of the Brown v. Board of Education decision?

8. What was Eisenhower's attitude toward desegregation?

9. How did Blacks change the bus system of Montgomery, Alabama?

10. Why did Martin Luther King encourage nonviolent resistance?

11. Describe the some of the tactics used to protest segregation? Were they effective? Why?

12. How did Birmingham’s police commissioner Bull Conner help the fight for desegregation?

13. Why was JFK slow to champion civil rights when he was first elected? What caused him to change?

14. How did LBJ use the civil rights movement to affect change in America?

15. Why did students become disillusioned with MLK and nonviolence?

16. Why did many northern cities erupt in racial violence between 1965-1968?

17. Why, after the many gains, did the civil rights movement become more radical?

18. How did busing for school children become an issue in the civil rights movement?

19. What is your stance on affirmative action? Why? Consider many choices


IDENTIFICATIONS: What or who is it and why is it important - THINK SIGNIFICANCE - connect to others
13,14,15 Amendments Black Codes/ Jim Crow Plessy v. Ferguson

Booker T. Washington WEB Dubois Marcus Garvey

NAACP Harlem Renaissance A Philip Randolph

segregation de facto segregation de jure segregation

Emmitt Till Jackie Robinson Thurgood Marshall

Myrdal, American Dilemma Sweatt v. Painter Rosa Parks

Montgomery Bus Boycott Martin Luther King Earl Warren

nonviolent resistance civil disobedience Mohandas Gandhi

Brown v. Board of Education Southern Manifesto Central High School

Civil Rights Act of 1957 SCLC sit-ins

SNCC Freedom Riders CORE

James Meredith Birmingham Governor Wallace

March on Washington Civil Rights Act of 1964 EEOC

Voting Rights Act 1965 24th Amendment MFDP

Selma Black power Watts riots

Malcolm X / Nation of Islam Black Panthers Stokely Carmichael

MLK's assassination Kerner Report affirmative action

“white flight” Bakke case

Due Friday 3/28-- Write your own DBQ question and complete an essay outline sheet.

Documents must include the four quotes on the handout along with the picture p. 890, quote p. 891,

quote p. 917, cartoon p. 926 along with TWO Documents of your own choice. Identify the type and page number from the book.

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