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6 or more authors

First use: first author + et al., + date (comma separates et al. and date)

(Bucket et al., 2003)

Organization or Government Dept. as corporate author

If individual authors are not listed, use the organization as the author.

To define an abbreviation within a citation for a corporate author that you will cite several times, enclose the abbreviation in square brackets.

(March of Dimes Foundation, 2009)

(Department of Health and Human Services [DHHS], 2007)

Internet site

Use same author–date format. If no individual author for a Web page is given, list the organization as the author. The date to use from a web page is sometimes difficult to determine. The APA blog entry for dating online documents cautions against using any of the following as the date--a “last modified,” or “revised on” date or copyright date that is site-wide--as none of these usually refers to when the material was actually created or posted. If no obvious posted date is available at the beginning or the end of a document, use “n.d.” for “no date” instead. DO NOT put a web address in the text of the paper.

(Planned Parenthood, n.d.) (Stearns, 2009) (National Health Statistics, 2003)

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