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Quick Reference for In-Text Citations

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Quick Reference for In-Text Citations

(Citations that appear within the text of your paper and

refer to sources cited in your References page)

One author

Every citation: (author’s last name, publication year)

(Gambrill, 2001)

2 authors

Every citation: (Author 1 & Author 2, year) Use “&” within parentheses. Write out the word “and” when authors’ names are used in the signal phrase.

“…thus, leading to higher rates of HIV infection (Peacock & Slocum, 2004).

“According to Peacock and Slocum (2004), the higher rates of HIV …”

3-5 authors

First use: List all authors (separate names with commas) and publication date

(Ivy, Dees, & Coe, 1999)

Subsequent use: List first author + et al., + date; (et al. means “and others”)

(Ivy et al., 1999)

Note: et is Latin and (not an abbreviation, no period)—al. is an abbreviation for the Latin alia (“others”) and therefore always uses a period. In the citation, a comma separates et al. from the date.

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