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Essentials of APA Page Formatting and Style

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Essentials of APA Page Formatting and Style


Minimum of 1” margin on all sides

Flush left (ragged right edge)


New Times Roman for text;

Sans Serif font (e.g., Arial) for statistics in tables and figures

Font size

12 pt. for text and headings; Table font can be reduced to 10 pt., but no smaller


Double-spaced throughout, including references

One space following any punctuation mark; one space between sentences

No spaces on internal punctuation for abbreviations such as i.e., or e.g., or U.S.

One space between author’s initials

Example: ...funky lowercase (e.g., the writing of e. e. cummings).


Indent the beginning of a new paragraph 0.5”

Avoid one-sentence paragraphs.


Page numbers begin with the title page (i.e., page 1), but the number is not shown on the title page. Beginning with page 2, numbers are placed in the upper right-hand corner.

Allow 5 spaces between the end of the header and the page number.


Numbers less than 10 are written out as words (i.e., one through nine)

Numbers 10 and greater use Arabic figures (10 – 999,999)

Use the % symbol and figures to report any number as a percentage (6%, 22.5%)

EXCEPTIONS: Do not use a figure to start a sentence: write out the number

-When writing out the number also write out “percent”

-Use the word percentage when writing in general terms and not referring to a specific numerical value.

Example: “Sixty-seven percent of the sample....as compared to 2% that did not qualify. This was a larger percentage than previously …”

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