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Article from an Encyclopedia - Electronic Version-

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Article from an Encyclopedia - Electronic Version-

From within a subscription database (not free)
(Suggested alternative to APA’s standard method)

The following is an article from an electronic encyclopedia (for which there is also a print counterpart) from within a subscription (not free) database. The citation below is for the electronic version. Note that the citation deviates from standard APA style, which would call for the URL in the “Retrieved…” area; however, the URL would not allow access to the article; hence, the recommended “exception” to standard APA Style, highlighted in aqua, below. (Check with your professor to see if this suggestion is acceptable!)

Reynolds, F.E., & Hallisey, C. (2005). Buddhism: An overview. In L. Jones (Ed.), Encyclopedia of religion (2nd ed., Vol. 2, pp. 1087-1109). Retrieved from Gale Virtual Reference Library via GaALE/CENGAGE Learning.

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