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Electronic Source Journal Articles

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Electronic Source Journal Articles



What’s a DOI? Digital object identifier, a unique alphanumeric identifier that acts as a persistent link to content on the Web. Usually found on the abstract page, sometimes near the copyright date, or on the citation page in a database.

Example: doi: 10.1007/s10802-006-9049-4

Electronic Journal Article—

Articles with DOI assigned

Format is the same as for print articles but add the DOI instead of retrieval infor-mation. For entry, doi is lowercase and followed by a colon, no space after colon.

No retrieval date is needed. Note: Do not add punctuation after DOI number

Smokowski, P. R., & Bacallao, M. L. (2006). Acculturation and aggression in Latino adolescents. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 34, 657-671. doi: 10.1007/s10802-006-9049-4

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