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More than one work

Same author, same year

Add a lowercase letter to distinguish between same author–same year works. The first citation encountered in the body is assigned a, the second b, and so on. Be sure to add the letters to the reference entries.

(Smith, 2002a) (Smith, 2002b) (Smith, 2002a, 2002b)

Classical works

or republished

Reprinted or republished works, not issued as revised editions. Include both the original publication year and the date of reprinting.

(Freud, 1923/1961)

Newspaper article, pamphlet, brochure

No author

Use a shortened version of article’s title in place of the author name. Use double quotation marks to enclose the title of an article, web page, or chapter. Use italics for the titles of a book, periodical, brochure, or report.

To cite newspaper story: “Soldier’s Service Leads to Custody Battle at Home,” shorten title to “Soldier’s Service” (rather than “Custody Battle”)–keeping the first words allows the reader to easily find source in the reference list.

“ …complicated scenarios (“Soldier’s Service,” 2009).”

“...range of programs (Dual MSW/PHA Degree, n.d.)”

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