Ap world history year I (Foundations -1450) I. Foundations: 8000bce-600CE

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AP WORLD HISTORY - Year I (Foundations -1450)
1. Developing Agriculture and Technology
Neolithic revolution


-long and short term impact


-gender roles




-where/when/why? – Jared Diamond
Other reasons for early permanent settlements:

-Catal Huyuk

Technology and impact:

c. 7000-6000BCE pottery

c. 4200BCE copper

c. 3300BCE bronze (copper and tin)

c. 3500-3000BCE plow, cart, cuneiform/hieroglyphics, cotton

c. 1700 BCE war chariots: Persia, Mesop, Egypt

c. 1300 BCE alphabet – Syria (Phoenicians)

c. 1200BCE iron smelting– West Africa, Near East, India

2. Early Civilization:
Primary Innovation/River Valley Civilizations:

(be prepared to compare - PERSIA+GT)

Egypt (c. 3500BCE, Old Kingdom – Pyramids 2700BCE)
Mesopotamia (Sumer c. 3500BCE)
India (Indus/Harrapan c. 2500BCE)
China (Shang or Huang He c. 1700BCE)
Americas (Maya 2000BCE)
Niger (Jenne-Jeno 250BCE)
Groupings: early/late, river-valleys/other

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