Ap world History Nine Week Projects Assignment Outline

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AP World History Nine Week Projects Assignment Outline
*****You will get NO class time to work on any of these projects and they are to be done and handed in individually. Excuses of any nature, including but not limited to your absence from school, computer or printer glitches or malfunctions, etc., for it not being turned in on the assigned due date, will result in an automatic failing grade on the assignment.*****
1st Nine Weeks—Ancient Civilization Diorama

You will create a diorama of one of the following ancient civilizations (Egypt, Greece, Rome, or the Byzantine Empire). Please, only select one. Give great detail about the ancient realities of this country. Do not include anything about modern times. This is strictly a picture of ancient civilization. A diorama is a mini-world--an entire landscape in a box, carry case, or window. In this assignment, you will create your own little world of model figures that will appear as a freeze frame of an ancient civilization.

The websites listed below provide for great examples and ideas in creating your diorama of an ancient civilization:


Please, make sure it:

 Is sturdy and easy to display

 Is full color, bright, clean, detailed, and easy to understand

 In a creative or clever way incorporates the name of the civilization you chose (a store name, on a chariot, etc.)

 Has a clearly visible label that lists country, your name and class period

Must be turned in no later than Monday, October 1, 2012

2nd Nine Weeks—Medieval Art & Dinner

Original tapestry

 Design a medieval-style tapestry and communicate an important message to everyone who sees it. Imagine you're rich and powerful, but your castle is drab and gray. Your people are forgetting their common history and values. You feel they need to be reminded of important facts, events or folklore.

You must fill the tapestry up with ideas! Authentic medieval tapestries feature border-to-border detail. Imagine that characters are actors on a stage: you are responsible for the set and the props too. You must draw in whatever supporting details they need to communicate a story. They should use symbols.

The challenge is to capture as much of a story as possible with just one tapestry cartoon. Characters or the overall scene may be labeled with inscriptions.

Original coat of arms

Heraldic design has always been an opportunity for great personal expression. There are certainly traditions to heraldry, but very few firm rules. You need to weigh personal values and think about how to symbolically and artistically represent them.

Make sure you research and provide accurate and appropriate colors/animals/shapes on your coat of arms that represent the medieval language of heraldry. Include a 2 paragraph minimum explaining the rationale for the colors and symbols used.

Original Medieval Feast Banquet Invitation

You need to:

create the invitation for the feast (include date, time, location, entertainment)

plan the menu, courses 1-5 (with food typical of the time, era)

plan the entertainment, make an itinerary of events for the feast

create a drawing that depicts the guests at the feast

Medieval feasts were elaborate social affairs that required a lot of preparation. Such an event involved planning a menu/entertainment, preparing the food, deciding what to wear, and sending out invitations. On occasion, a king would stop to rest at a lord's estate during a long journey. This meant that the lord was expected to give the king a great feast that would satisfy the king and his travelers.

 Make sure parts of this project have a clearly visible label that lists your name and class period.

Must be turned in no later than Monday, December 10, 2012

3rd Nine Weeks—Renaissance Game

You will be creating an original board game for this time period in world history. Your game should be completely packaged with all game pieces, directions, and any needed items to play the game. Your game should cover major events, people, terms, and places from this time period in history. You may set your game up however you like and can use other board games as your guide (Monopoly, Sorry, Chutes & Ladders, Life, etc.) or create your own unique game . Your grade will be based on including vital and important content to the time as well as your level of detail, creativity, and organization. It should be sturdy and easily stored so as parts don’t go missing or get easily lost. It should have clearly written and understandable directions. Use your creativity to incorporate all of the various aspects of this time period. Include your name and period on the outside of the package.

Must be turned in no later than Monday, March 4, 2013

4th Nine Weeks—Comparing World Wars

Compare and contrast World War I and World War II. You may create a PowerPoint with full slide transitions, music, narration, pictures, and text. You may write a five (5) page report (must site your sources and include a bibliography) using GREAT caution to not violate Lemon Bay HS’s plagiarism policy. You may create a visual model. Visual Model examples include video, slide presentation, web page, or a blog.

Choose one of the presentation options above and include:

 Specifically, what countries were involved in both wars?

 What countries instigated each of the wars?

 How was the U.S. drawn in to each of the wars?

 How did each of the wars begin?

 How did each of the wars end?

 What role did the U.S. play in each of the wars?

 What was the major or catastrophic event(s) that took place in this war (i.e.: the holocaust)?

 Make sure your report is sturdy and easy to display

 Make sure your report is full color, bright, clean, detailed, and easy to understand

 Make sure your report has a clearly visible label that lists your name and class period
You must complete and turn in all work no later than Monday, May 13, 2013
All Project Due Dates:

 1st nine weeks: October 1, 2012

 2nd nine weeks: December 10, 2012

 3rd nine weeks: March 4, 2013

 4th nine weeks: May 13, 2013

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