Ap us history Unit 8 Terms Chapter 34 Francisco Franco

Strategic Defense Initiative (“Star Wars”)

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Strategic Defense Initiative (“Star Wars”) – President Reagan proposed the Strategic Defense Initiative, though it never came to be. His meetings with Gorbachev were the first steps toward ending the Cold War. He was also in office during the Iran-Contra Affair, which bought hostages with guns, though he was unaware of the dealings. Missile shield defense system based in space, ground and air to knock out any ICBM or missiles.

Contras – Nicaraguan contra rebels trying to overthrow the government in Nicaragua. The contras were being secretly supplied by the Americans Sandinistas - Free elections removed the Sandinistas in Nicaragua in 1990 and in 1992, peace came to Ecuador at last. Reagan accused Nicaraguan “Sandinistas,” a group of leftists that had taken over the Nicaraguan government, of turning the country into a forward base from which Communist forces could invade and conquer all of Latin America. He also accused them of helping revolutionary forces in El Salvador, where violence had reigned since 1979, and Reagan then helped “contra” rebels in Nicaragua fight against the Sandinistas.

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