Ap us history Unit 8 Terms Chapter 34 Francisco Franco

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Thurgood Marshall – America was still greatly segregated in 1950, with Jim Crowe laws and brute force keeping blacks and whites separate, particularly in the South. Increasingly, blacks refused to suffer in silence, using the NAACP as a driving force for desegregation. In 1950, NAACP chief legal counsel Thurgood Marshall in the case of Sweatt v. Painter, won a ruling that separate professional schools for blacks failed to meet the test of equality.

Mohammed Reza Pahlevi (Shah of Iran) - Pahlavi became Shah in 1941 with U.S. help, when the allies of WWII forced the abdication of his father. The communist and nationalist movements created unrest and tension during the early years of his reign. He is well known for both social and economic reform in Iran and his distribution royal lands to poverty-stricken farmers. With the abundance of oil-drilling machines, the Shah became a powerful world leader, and the main military power in the Middle East. Muslims and the Ayatollah forced the Shah and his family into exile in 1979, where he died in Cairo on July 27, 1980.

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