Ap us history Unit 8 Terms Chapter 34 Francisco Franco

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Kent State killings – In April of 1970, police fired into an angry crowd of college students at Kent State University. Four students were killed and many others were wounded. The students were protesting against Nixon ordering U.S. troops invasion of Cambodia without consulting Congress.

EPA – The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was also created to protect nature in 1970.

Détente – At a speech at American University, Washington DC in June 1963, the president urged American to abandon a view of the USSR as a devil-ridden land filled with fanatics and instead to deal with the world as it is. This lay the foundations for “détente,” French for “relaxation.”

Nixon traveled to China (February 1972) and Russia (May 1972) in a game of high-stakes diplomacy. The Soviets, eager for American food, and fearful of a Chino-American alliance, were ready to negotiate. Nixon’s visits ushered an era of détente, or relaxed tension, with the two communist powers. Détente resulted in several important agreements, including a 3-year agreement in which the US agreed to sell the Soviets at least $750 million in foodstuffs.

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