Ap us history Unit 8 Terms Chapter 34 Francisco Franco

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Phony War” – The months following the collapse of Poland, while France and Britain marked time, were known as the “phony war.” An ominous silence fell on Europe as Hitler transferred his forces from Poland to the border on France. The Soviets meanwhile attacked Finland, which was granted $30 million by an isolationist Congress for non-military supplies. Despite heroic resistance, Finland was soon flattened by the Soviets. An abrupt end to the “phony war” came in April 1940, when Hitler, again without warning, overran Denmark and Norway. He then took over the Netherlands and Belgium, which was then followed by a devastating blow at France. By late June, France was forced to surrender, while the British managed to salvage the bulk of their army after evacuation from Dunkirk. The crisis brought forth PM Winston Churchill, who led England through the war.

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