Ap us history Unit 8 Terms Chapter 34 Francisco Franco

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Spirit of Camp David”Camp David, also known as the peaceful resort for Presidents,” held a series of private talks that ended up with positive endings for the U.S. Such as when the Soviet premier said that his ultimatum for the evacuation of Berlin would be extended indefinitely. Camp David will also be an important landmark during the U-2 incident and the Iranian hostage crisis.

The Feminine Mystique – The 50s brought a surge in the modern high-tech industries, as the number of “white-collar workers” grew to outnumber the number of “blue-collar workers.” The growth of the service industry opened special opportunities for women – of some 40 million new jobs created in the 3 decades after 1950, more than 30 million were in clerical and service work. Women filled the huge majority of these new positions, causing a great social and psychological shock for the nation’s culture. Women’s new dual role as both workers and homemakers raised urgent questions about family life, and about traditional definitions of gender differences. Feminist Betty Friedan gave focus and fuel to women’s feelings in 1963 when she published The Feminine Mystique, which has now become a classic of feminist protest literature and which launched the modern women’s movement. Friedan spoke to millions of able, educated women who applauded her indictment of the stifling boredom of suburban housewifery.

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