Ap us history Unit 8 Terms Chapter 34 Francisco Franco

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Nuremberg trials – The Allies agreed that the cancer of Nazism had to be cut out of the German political system. The Allies joined in trying 22 top culprits in Nuremberg, Germany, during 1945-6. Accusations included committing crimes against the laws of war and humanity and plotting aggressions contrary to solemn treaty pledges. Justice was harsh, with 12 of the accused hung, and the others given lengthy prison terms.

Iron Curtain – The Soviets wanted to rebuild their own nation by extracting massive reparations from Germany. Along with Austria, Germany had been divided into four military occupation zones, each assigned to one of the Big Four powers. The western allies began to promote the notion of a reunited Germany, and the communists responded by tightening their grip on their Eastern zone. West Germany eventually became an independent country, wedded to the West. East Germany, along with other East European nations, became a nominally independent “satellite” state. East Europe virtually disappeared behind the “iron curtain” of secrecy and isolation. In 1948, “The Voice of America” (as authorized by Congress) began beaming American radio broadcasts behind the iron curtain.

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