Ap us history Unit 8 Terms Chapter 34 Francisco Franco

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Thomas E. Dewey – John Dewey of New York was nominated by the Republicans for the 1944 election, who was accompanied by Senator John W Bricker of Ohio, who stood upon a platform calling for an unstinted prosecution of war and for the creation of a new international organization to maintain peace. FDR was chosen again as the Democratic nominee, while Senator Harry S Truman of Missouri was selected as his running-mate. Dewey went about speaking, while FR continued to concentrate on the war effort, making speeches only when the final election was nearing. Roosevelt won a sweeping victory, 423-99 and 25,606,585 to 22, 014,745. Roosevelt won because the war was going well, and the nation needed his experience to lead them.

Attacking high taxes, Republicans won control of Congress in 1946, and prospects had never looked rosier when they re-nominated NY governor TE Dewey in 1948. The Democrats were forced to re-nominate Truman when Eisenhower refused to accept nomination. The party was split wide open by Truman’s nomination because southern Democrats were embittered by Truman’s support of civil rights reform.

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