Ap us history Unit 8 Terms Chapter 34 Francisco Franco

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George F. Kennan – A firm plan for resistance to Soviet encroachment on the free world was created with the formulation of the “containment doctrine.” Crafted by a young diplomat and Soviet specialist, George F Kennan, this concept held that Russia, whether tsarist or communist, was inherently expansionary. But the Kremlin was also cautious, Kennan argued, and the flow of Soviet power into every corner of the world could be stemmed by firm and vigilant containment. Kennan’s advice seemed to require a globe-girdling strategy of military and political preparedness, and Truman embraced this advice when he formally and publicly adopted a “get-tough- with-Russia” policy in 1947. His first dramatic move was regarding the Communist encroachments upon Turkey and Greece, when he asked Congress for $400 million to bolster the two nations. This came to be known Truman Doctrine, and he proclaimed that America would give aid to those resisting external aggression, thus polarizing the world and construing the Soviet threat as primarily military in nature.

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