Ap us history Unit 8 Terms Chapter 34 Francisco Franco

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Rosie the Riveter”With the men in the military, women took up jobs in the workplace, symbolized by “Rosie the Riveter,” which was a fictional character of an ideal woman worker: loyal, efficient, patriotic, and pretty. Upon war’s end, many did not return to their homes as in World War I.

Braceros - An agreement with Mexico in 1942 brought thousands of Mexican agricultural workers, called braceros, to harvest the fruit and grain crops of the West. The bracero program outlived the war by some 20 years, and became a fixed feature of the agricultural economy in many western states. In addition, more than 6 million women took up jobs, with the government setting up some 3,000 day-care centers to care for children. After the war, many women wanted to keep their positions as working citizens, although most went back home.

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