Ap us history Unit 8 Terms Chapter 34 Francisco Franco

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Spanish Civil War – Spanish rebels, who rose against the left-leaning republican government in Madrid, were headed by Fascistic General Francisco Franco. Generously aided by Hitler and Mussolini, he undertook to overthrow the established Loyalist regime, which had been aided by the USSR. The US blindly passed a bill to apply an arms embargo to both Loyalists and rebels, and according to Franco, “Roosevelt behaved in the manner of a true gentleman.” The democracies were thus so determined to stay out of the war that they helped to condemn a fellow democracy to death. Meanwhile, the US allowed its armed forces to decrease in relative strength, tricked into believing that huge fleets cause huge wars, while sparing the Depression-ridden tax-payer. When Roosevelt called for preparedness, he was branded a warmonger, and it was not until 1938 that Congress came to grips with the problem when it passed a billion-dollar naval construction act.

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