Ap us history Unit 8 Terms Chapter 34 Francisco Franco

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Rome-Berlin Axis – In 1936 Hitler and Mussolini allied together in the Rome-Berlin Axis. This alliance would include Japan. The Rome-Berlin Axis ended up fighting against the Allies in World War II.
Merchants of death” – The so-called “Senate Munitions Committee” came into being because of widespread reports that manufacturers of armaments had unduly influenced the American decision to enter the war in 1917.  These weapons’ suppliers had reaped enormous profits at the cost of more than 53,000 American battle deaths.  As local conflicts reignited in Europe through the early 1930s, suggesting the possibility of a second world war, concern spread that these “merchants of death” would again drag the United States into a struggle that was none of its business.  The time had come for a full congressional inquiry.

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