Ap us history Unit 8 Terms Chapter 34 Francisco Franco

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AP US History

Unit 8 Terms

Chapter 34

Francisco Franco – Spanish rebels, who rose against the left-leaning republican government in Madrid, were headed by Fascistic General Francisco Franco. Generously aided by Hitler and Mussolini, he undertook to overthrow the established Loyalist regime, which had been aided by the USSR.
Winston ChurchillWith Russia a prime issue, the Atlantic Conference was held in August 1941. Churchill secretly met with Roosevelt on a warship off the fogy coast of Newfoundland. Together they produced the Atlantic Charter, which was formally accepted by Roosevelt and Churchill and endorsed by the Soviet Union later that year. The covenant outlined the aspirations of the democracies for peace. It was surprisingly specific-opposing imperialistic annexations, it promised the concept of self-determination, while promoting disarmament and a peace of security, pending a new League of Nations. The Charter was especially gratifying for liberals, and the Poles.

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