Ap us history Syllabus

Grading: 70%- Summative Assessments

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70%- Summative Assessments

20%- Formative Assessments

10% Final Exam
Your grade will consist of performance on primary source and reading analysis, quizzes, and exams. The standard school grading scale will be followed for the course. All reading quizzes will be multiple-choice questions and/or short answer questions.
Exams will be weighted according to the new College Board percentages for AP U.S. History exams:
Multiple Choice: 40%

Short Answer: 20%

Document Based Question: 25%

Long Essay Question: 15%

AP United States History

Course Outline

Fall Term
Unit 1

The American Pageant: Chapter 1-3: Themes- Pre Columbian cultures, early exploration, introduction of slavery, rise of mercantilism. The Chesapeake and Southern colonies, British mercantilism, New England colonies, Puritans, religious dissent, colonial politics and conflict with British authority, the middle colonies.

Introduction about doing the DBQs (August 16).

DBQ on Chesapeake and New England Colonies (In class August 20).

Threads of History: Historical Periods

The American Pageant: Chapter 4-5: Themes- Tobacco and rice colonies, African-American culture, colonial family life, dissent in NE, the Salem Witch Trials, Immigration and demographic change, the Atlantic economy, the Great Awakening.

American Spirit Vol. 1:

Mayflower Compact p 43, Winthrop’s Concept of Liberty p 48, Plymouth Officials Justify King Philip’s War p55.

Threads of History: Religious Development 1619-1740

The American Pageant: Chapters 6-8: Themes- Colonial involvement in British Imperial Wars, French and Indian War consequences, Proclamation of 1763, roots of revolution, mercantilism’s role in revolution, benign neglect’s end, and first conflicts, The American Revolution, wartime diplomacy, life on the home front, women and the war, impact of war on slavery

American Spirit Vol. 1:

Thomas Paine Talks Common Sense p 150, Declaration of Independence p 153.

Varying Viewpoints: Causes of the Revolution

Threads of History: Coming of the Revolution

Directory: userfiles -> 1073 -> Classes -> 2772
2772 -> Reading Guide Vocabulary "Self-Reliance"
2772 -> Reading Guide Vocabulary Society of the Cincinnati Disestablished
Classes -> Reading Guide 1 Name Vocab: Define each of the following terms
Classes -> Unit 1: Pre-Columbus Americas through John Adams’ Administration America and Europe on the Eve of Discovery The Americas on the Eve of Discovery
Classes -> Unit 5 Class Notes- imperialism and wwi american Expansionism
Classes -> Debate Prompt: Should there be more regulation on gun rights in American society? Tips for what to research for this debate
Classes -> Reading Guide 4 Name Vocab: Be prepared to define each of the following terms
Classes -> Articles of Confederation
2772 -> Reading Guide Vocabulary Battle of Bull Run
2772 -> Reading Guide Vocabulary Freedmen’s Bureau "10 percent" Reconstruction plan

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