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Assessment: Assessment will come in various forms including

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Assessment: Assessment will come in various forms including:

  • Exams- There will be examinations on each unit including all the material covered in the American Pageant. Examinations will consist of 80 multiple choice questions, short answer questions, and either a DBQ or a long essay question.

  • DBQs and Long Essays- All essays will be graded according to the AP scoring rubrics.

  • Reading Quizzes- All material in the American Pageant will be covered with reading quizzes. Any HAND-WRITTEN notes taken over reading may be used on reading quizzes

  • Readings and Primary Source Work- You will be assessed on your analysis and synthesis of primary source documents. This will be evaluated using writings, DBQs, and oral examination.

  • Final Exam- A final exam will be given at the conclusion of the course so students will be able to gauge their content knowledge and know areas needed to review for the AP exam. It will be a comprehensive exam for the entire course. This exam will be in a simulated AP exam setting.

Directory: userfiles -> 1073 -> Classes -> 2772
2772 -> Reading Guide Vocabulary "Self-Reliance"
2772 -> Reading Guide Vocabulary Society of the Cincinnati Disestablished
Classes -> Reading Guide 1 Name Vocab: Define each of the following terms
Classes -> Unit 1: Pre-Columbus Americas through John Adams’ Administration America and Europe on the Eve of Discovery The Americas on the Eve of Discovery
Classes -> Unit 5 Class Notes- imperialism and wwi american Expansionism
Classes -> Debate Prompt: Should there be more regulation on gun rights in American society? Tips for what to research for this debate
Classes -> Reading Guide 4 Name Vocab: Be prepared to define each of the following terms
Classes -> Articles of Confederation
2772 -> Reading Guide Vocabulary Battle of Bull Run
2772 -> Reading Guide Vocabulary Freedmen’s Bureau "10 percent" Reconstruction plan

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