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Period 9: 1980-present
Key Concept 9.1: A new conservatism grew to prominence in U.S. culture and politics, defending traditional social values and rejecting liberal views about the role of government.
Key Concept 9.2: The end of the Cold War and new challenges to U.S. leadership in the world forced the nation to redefine its foreign policy and global role.
Key Concept 9.3: Moving into the 21st century, the nation continued to experience challenges stemming from social, economic, and demographic changes.


Academic honesty is extremely important, not only in this class, but also in your future academic endeavors. Your commitment to academic honesty forms the foundation of your intellectual development. Cheating and plagiarism are considered serious offenses and will not be tolerated. Understand that using the internet and claiming another’s IDEAS without citing sources is plagiarism. Students found cheating or plagiarizing will receive zero credit for the assignment, parents will be contacted, and punishment will be in accordance with the student handbook.

Class and Homework assignments:

  1. All Document-Based Questions (DBQs), long responses, and short answer questions must be written in blue or black ink. This is to prepare for how they must be written on the AP Exam in May. Assignments written in pencil will NOT be accepted.

  2. I will emphasize NEAT penmanship in all written work, in addition to the content and quality of thought presented in your work.

  3. Homework, typically in the form of reading, will be given every day, including weekends. In addition to reading, students will be required to complete essay questions and gather information for in-class and take home projects.

  4. Late assignments are NOT accepted. Do it on time like everyone else. If you have an excused absence, please refer to the handbook for the policy on making up work.

  5. If you are absent, email me for assignments or see me as soon as you return to class. You are responsible for obtaining makeup work.

Directory: userfiles -> 1073 -> Classes -> 2772
2772 -> Reading Guide Vocabulary "Self-Reliance"
2772 -> Reading Guide Vocabulary Society of the Cincinnati Disestablished
Classes -> Reading Guide 1 Name Vocab: Define each of the following terms
Classes -> Unit 1: Pre-Columbus Americas through John Adams’ Administration America and Europe on the Eve of Discovery The Americas on the Eve of Discovery
Classes -> Unit 5 Class Notes- imperialism and wwi american Expansionism
Classes -> Debate Prompt: Should there be more regulation on gun rights in American society? Tips for what to research for this debate
Classes -> Reading Guide 4 Name Vocab: Be prepared to define each of the following terms
Classes -> Articles of Confederation
2772 -> Reading Guide Vocabulary Battle of Bull Run
2772 -> Reading Guide Vocabulary Freedmen’s Bureau "10 percent" Reconstruction plan

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