Ap us history Chapter 26 Study Guide The Cold War: 1945 – 1952 Terms

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AP US History

Chapter 26 Study Guide

The Cold War: 1945 – 1952

  • Terms

The IMF and the World Bank (932)

Cold War

The United Nations

Churchill’s Iron Curtain speech

Truman Doctrine / containment

US Postwar Foreign Policy (937)

Marshall Plan

Berlin Blockade


Warsaw Pact

Give ‘em Hell Harry!

Thomas Dewey

Council of Economic Advisors

Taft-Hartley Act


The Fair Deal

J. Edgar Hoover

National Security Act (1947) (943)

National Security Council


Executive Order 9835

Federal Employees Loyalty and Security Program

The Red Scare


The “blacklist”

Alger Hiss

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

Joseph McCarthy (McCarthyism)

JD Salinger

Film Noir

Arthur Miller

The “Atomic Age”

The “Baby Boom”

The GI Bill

Military-Industrial Communities (952)

“Zeal for Democracy” Program

Chiang Kai-shek and Mao Zedong


The Korean War

Gen. Douglas MacArthur

38th Parallel


Dwight D. Eisenhower

Richard Nixon

Election of 1952

What steps did the Allies take to promote growth in the postwar global economy?

Which countries were aligned with the US, and which with the Soviet Union? (Map 26-1)

How did the Truman Doctrine shape US postwar foreign policy?

How did the Fair Deal differ from the New Deal?

Why was Truman relatively unpopular at the beginning of the 1948 campaign? (Map 26-2)

What factors led contributed to the rise of McCarthyism?

How did the Cold War affect American culture?

What issues were at the center of the 1952 election?

How did the US military campaign in Korea reflect Truman’s doctrine of containment? (Map 26-3)

  • Analyze the following images/excerpts. Why this image/excerpt important? What does this image/excerpt tell me about the period? What important information can be accessed from the image/excerpt? What theme or themes does this image/excerpt satisfy?

Students and Faculty Face the Cold War (930-1); Kennan excerpt (935); Marshall excerpt (937); Berlin Airlift (938); Strike (939); Truman pic (940); Fig. 26-1 (942); Is This Tomorrow? (944); Reagan excerpt (945); McCarthy (947); Hopper painting (948); Fig. 26-2 (949); Domestic photo 1955 (951); Lawson excerpt (957); Nixon (959); Invasion USA (960)

  • AP Prep Test 1-14 (965 – 967)

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