Ap us history Chapter 16 Study Guide The Civil War: 1861 – 1865 Terms

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AP US History

Chapter 16 Study Guide

The Civil War: 1861 – 1865

  • Terms

Ft. Sumter

Abraham Lincoln

Jefferson Davis

ID the “Border States”

Battle of Bull Run

Robert E. Lee

William Seward

Legal Tender Act

National Bank Act

Morrill Tariff Act

Homestead Act

Morrill Land Grant Act

“Stonewall” Jackson

Cinco de Mayo / European Invasion of Mexico

George B. McClellan

Peninsular Campaign

Battle of Antietam

Battle of Fredericksburg

Battle of Shiloh

Ulysses S. Grant

William Quantrill’s Raiders

William Tecumseh Sherman

Quick Review: War at Sea (545)

Emancipation Proclamation

Quick Review: African American Soldiers (546)

13th Amendment

Clara Barton


Draft Riots

Southern Nationalism: Why it failed…

Battle of Chancellorsville

Battle of Gettysburg


Sherman’s March

Freedman’s Bureau

Election of 1864

Battle of Cold Harbor

Appomattox Court House

John Wilkes Booth

April 14, 1865

What advantages did the North possess at the outset of the Civil War?

How did the power of the federal government expand as the war progressed?

What successes did the South enjoy in the early years of the war and how were they achieved?

How did the military strategies of the North and the South reflect each side’s larger goals?

How did the end of slavery affect the war efforts of the North and South?

What impact did the war have on northern political, economic, and social life? And on the same aspects of southern life?

How did Grant and Sherman turn the tide of the war?

What was Lee hoping to achieve with his campaign northward and why was his defeat at Gettysburg the war’s turning point?

  • Analyze the following images/excerpts. Why this image/excerpt important? What does this image/excerpt tell me about the period? What important information can be accessed from the image/excerpt? What theme or themes does this image/excerpt satisfy?

Ft. Sumter (532); Gen. Johnston excerpt (535); Lincoln photograph (536); Stonewall Jackson (538); Map 16-1 (542); Map 16-2 (543); Figure 16-1 (549); Clara Barton excerpt (550); Lynching (554); Lincoln excerpt (557); Dolly Burge excerpt (557); Photograph (558); “Come and Join Us Brothers” (560)

  • AP Prep Test 1-14 (564 – 565)

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