Ap united States History 1st Semester Reading List due january 5th, 2016

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AP United States History 1st Semester Reading List DUE JANUARY 5th, 2016

Select a book from the list of historical time periods. The book you choose can be a biography, narrative, non-fiction or historic-fiction but each book must obtain teacher approval. Then prepare a 5-6 page typed, 1.5 spaced, report according to the following guidelines

  • List author, title and date of publication

      1. Write a brief summary of the book (1 page).

      2. Analyze two of the main characters that are historical figures (2-3 paragraphs EACH)

  1. Summarize the author's description of 2 key historical events or conflicts (2-3 paragraphs EACH).

  2. Conclude by depicting ways in which the book increased your knowledge and understanding of the historical period covered (1/2 page).

  3. You will give a 3-5 minute summary of the book to the class.

The topics selected are a guide of different time periods from 1500-1860. This is a guide you may also select any historically significant people, places or events that may have occurred during these periods.

  1. Early Republic- New Nation

  • Article of Confederation

  • French and Indian War

  • Making of Constitution (People)

  • Shay’s Rebellion

  1. Expansionism-Manifest Destiny

  • Lewis and Clark

  • Louisiana Purchase

  • Life as a pioneer

  • Gold Rush

  • Homestead Act

  • Mexican (American) War

  1. 19th Century

  • Industrial Revolution/Inventions

  • Agricultural Revolution

  • Erie Canal

  • Women’s rights

  • Labor Unions

  • Spanish-American War

  • Age of Jackson

  • Immigration

  • Growth of business

  • Lowell Girls

  1. The South and Slavery

  • Underground Railroad

  • Abolitionist Movement

  • Slave Revolts- Nat Turner

  • John Brown

  • Kansas-Nebraska

  1. Biographies of Presidents, First Ladies, Politicians or historically significant people

  1. Sports, Leisure, Entertainment with historical significant

Book options and recommended by previous AP students:

The Heretic’s Daughter By Kathleen Kent

Someone Knows My Name By Lawrence Hill

I’ve Got a House in Glory Land By Karolyn Frost

Twelve Years a Slave By Solomon Northup

Celia: A Slave By Melton McCaurin

The Frontiersman: A Narrative By Allan Eckert

Wolf by the Ears By Ann Rinaldi

They Saw the Elephant By Joann Levy

Dawn of Innovation By Charles R. Morris

Tecumseh: A Life By John Sugden

Sons of Providence: The Brown Brothers, the Slave Trade, and the American Revolution By Charles Rappleye

The Confessions of Nat Turner By William Styron

Patriot Hearts: A Novel of the Founding Mothers By Barbara Hambly

Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power By Robert Meacham

Angry Mobs and Founding Fathers By Michael Newton

1776 By David McCullough

John Adams By David McCullough

Founding Mothers By Cokie Roberts

The Amistad Rebellion By Marcus Rediker

Alexander Hamilton By Ron Chernow

Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation By Joseph Ellis

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