Ap u. S. History name: movie review guidelines

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Some movies on the list have an R rating; make sure your parents have filled out a permission form before you choose one with this rating. Failure to turn in a permission form with the completed review will result in the paper not being graded. NO EXCEPTIONS.

For each movie reviewed answer the following questions and turn in the answers by the dates listed. Answer the questions in paragraphs. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS!

  1. Provide a summary of the story told by the film, including the theme or message portrayed, plot, historical setting

  2. Who were the most important characters in the film? Why are they important?

    1. Which character was the most important and why?

    2. What was this character’s statement?

  3. What was the most significant scene in the film and why was it important?

  4. What themes are addressed in the film?

  5. Is the movie historical accurate? Look at least 2 scenes & analyze the historical setting

  6. What did you learn from viewing this film in relation to its place in American History?

    1. What did you like most and least about the film?

    2. Would you recommend this film to others? Why or why not?


  1. Typed, double space, 11 or 12 font

  2. Cite any information you use (websites and/or textbook) in MLA format

  3. Upload to www.turnitin.com

  4. Proof read your essay BEFORE you turn the essay in.

  5. Signed permission slip (R Rating)

Movie Options

  1. Amistad (SSUSH1 a & e, SSUSH2 a & b)

  2. The Last of the Mohicans (SSUSH1 c & e)

  3. Gone With the Wind (SSUSH9 b, d & f)

  4. Gettysburg (SSUSH9 b, c, d & f)

  5. Gods and Generals (SSUSH9 b, c, d & f)

  6. Glory (SSUSH8 a, SSUSH9 b, c, e& f)

  7. Dances with Wolves (SSUSH11 b & SSUSH12 c)

  8. Far and Away (SSUSH11 a & b, SSUSH12 a & c)

  9. Gangs of New York (SSUSH9 e, SSUSH11 a &SSUSH12 a)

  10. Geronimo (SSUSH11 b & SSUSH12 c)

  11. Lincoln (SSUSH9E)

  12. 12 years a slave

Download 5.7 Kb.

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