Ap statistics Murder Mystery

Location, Location, Location

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Murder Mystery

Location, Location, Location
Match each definition with the term if defines. You may use terms once, more than once, or not at all. If you are correct, a clue will appear.

A. Rare event O. Variation

B. Single-blind study O. Experiment

D. Simple random sample P. Cluster sample

E. Population Q. Convenience sample

F. Double-blind study R. Placebo Effect

G. Confounding S. Stratified sample

H. Rosenthal Effect T. Correlation study

I. Systematic sample W. Alternative hypothesis

L. Census X. Null hypothesis

___ Choose a sample such that every possible sample of size n has an equal chance of

being chosen

___ Choose a sample such that every kth element from a population is chosen

___ Subdivide the population into at least two different subgroups and draw a simple

random sample from each

___ Divide the population into subgroups and randomly select some entire subgroups as

the sample

___ The ONLY way to establish cause and effect

___ An example of this method is to randomly draw from a group of males and a group

of females

___ The group you are trying to make inferences about

___ In this type of study, we apply a treatment and then observe the effects

___ When neither the doctor nor the patient knows who is getting the drug and who is

getting the placebo

___ The probability that an event will happen is less than .5%

___ An example of an observational study of the relationship between age and height

___ Treated subjects respond differently is an example of

___ The research hypothesis

___ A census is a complete sample of the entireā€¦

___ An untreated subject incorrectly believes he or she received a treatment

A. Can you eliminate a location? Which one?

B. Which locations remain?

C. Which suspects remain?

D. Which murder weapons still remain?

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