Ap statistics Murder Mystery

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Murder Mystery

Murder Weapons

Murder Locations

Primary Suspects

Power Shock

The X-Bar Hall

The “fun-loving” senior

A Poison M&M

The Two-Tailed Tower

The Head Counselor

A Launched Flying Gummy Bear

The Least-Squares Stable

The junior with the long big toe

Progress through the clues to eliminate murder weapons, murder locations and suspects. When you think you have solved a clue, report to your instructor to receive the next clue. Try to be the first group to solve the murder!

The list of clue packets appears below. These do NOT need to be solved in order.

Weapon of Choice

Who Dunnit?

Location, Location, Location

Lethal Weapon

The Scene at the Scene

The Usual Suspects

Weapon of Choice

The police and faculty conducted several experiments with the probable murder weapons. In one test, they simulated the use of each weapon and recorded the amount of time (in minutes) required to complete the simulated murder task, The times for each weapon are normally distributed.
First, answer the questions below. If at least two of the weapons differ (statistically significant difference) in “time to kill,” you can eliminate the weapon with the longest mean “time to kill.” Use an alpha of 0.10,





Standard Deviation

Power Shock





Poison M&M





Gummy Bear





  1. How many times was each weapon tested?

  2. What are your null and alternative hypotheses for each of the three tests?

  3. What is your decision for each test?

  4. Relate your decision to the scenario—do at least two of the three weapons differ in “time to kill?” How do you know? Use the results of your tests to justify your response.

  5. In general, explain the Type I and Type II errors for this scenario.

  1. Can you eliminate a murder weapon? If so, which one?

  2. Which murder weapons remain?

  3. Which suspects remain?

  4. Which locations remain?

Who Dunnit?

Match the scenario to the correct statistical test. You may use the tests more than once. You do not need to use all the tests. The solutions will spell out a very important clue about the suspect.

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