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Capitalist Opinion: Free market capitalism is good, but reform it to minimize the bad effects.

Communist Opinion: Free market capitalism is bad, so get rid of it and replace it with something else.

Why communism took hold in areas of absolute rule, but not in democratic nations

In Britain and the United States, where the impact of the Enlightenment was strong, democracy was developing, and the middle class was growing, reforms to the free market system that lessened the negative impact of capitalism on workers took root. In other countries like Russia where absolute rule was strong and the peasant class extremely oppressed, reform was almost nonexistent. There, Marxist ideas grew popular among a small group of urban intellectuals, eventually including Vladi­mir Lenin, who believed they could lead a worker revolution and end the tyranny of the czars. Else­where, Marxism impacted social thought and intermixed with capitalist thought to create economic systems that were partly socialist (in which the government owned some of the means of production) and partly capitalist (in which individuals owned some of the means of production). Most of Europe, including Britain after World War II, mixed socialist and capitalist ideas.

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