Ap review 1750ad-1914ad stay focused on the big picture

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As you review the details of the developments in this chapter, stay focused on some big-picture con­cepts and ask yourself some questions, including the following:

  1. How are the events of this time period interconnected? The Industrial Revolution and imperialism are not only interconnected, but are connected to other develop­ments in this time period as well. Stay focused on how developments in one region of the world had an impact on developments in another. Also, stay focused on how regional developments were able to have a global impact through improvements in communication and transportation, as well as through colonialism.

  1. Why did nationalism grow during this time period? How did the impact of nation­alism vary among different countries? Whether in the Americas, Europe, or Asia, nationalism was a huge force. It sparked rebellions, independence movements, and unification movements. It also sparked domination and colonialism.

  1. How and why does change occur? Stay focused on the complexity of social, politi­cal, and economic developments, as opposed to presuming that the dominant eco­nomic or political philosophies were shared universally among people in a certain country or region. Think about change as an evolving process in which certain ideas gain momentum, while other ideas lose steam but don't entirely die out.

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