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Fall Semester 2015: Renaissance Through Congress of Vienna

Introduction: Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave”


Unit I: The Renaissance

The Renaissance in Italy

The Artistic Renaissance

Intellectual and Political Renaissance

Mirandola: “On the Dignity of Man”

Bruni: “On Education”

Machaivelli: The Prince

Castiglione: The Courtier

The Age of Discovery
Unit II: The Reformation

Prelude to Reformation

The Church in the Renaissance

The Northern Renaissance

Readings from: Erasmus, More

Art: Van Eyck, Durer, Breugel

Martin Luther and the German Reformation

The Spread of the Reformation

Jean Calvin and the Genevan Reformation

The Reformation in England: Henry through Elizabeth

The Catholic Response: Trentine Reforms

Impact of the Reformation

Unit III: The Age of Religious Wars

Imperial Spain

The French Civil Wars (Wars of Religion)

England in the Age of Elizabeth (Political, Social and Cultural)

The Thirty Years War and the Peace of Westphalia

Art of the Late Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Century

Witch Hunts

Late October-November

Unit IV: The Emergence of the Secular, Modern Nation State


The Golden Age of the Dutch

A Tale of Two Nations: England and France

England’s Road to a Constitutional Monarchy

France’s Emergence as an Absolute Monarchy

Absolutism in Central, Eastern and Northern Europe

The Emergence of Russia

Unit V: The Scientific Revolution

Towards a Mechanistic Universe

The Philosophical Response
Post-Thanksgiving through January

Unit VI: The Eighteenth Century: Societal Changes, The Englightenment and the French Revolution (among other things)

Announcement of Major Term Project

Society and Economy in the Eighteenth Century

The Age of Enlightenment

Voltaire: Candide

Enlightened Absolutism and Wars of the Mid-Eighteenth Century

The French Revolution

The Age of Napoleon

The Congress of Vienna

Spring Term 2015
Unit I: The Post-Napoleonic Period

The Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions

Intellectual Response to the Industrial Revolution

Nineteenth Century Romanticism

Conservatism v. Liberalism, 1815-1815

Revolution and Reform 1830-1850

Socialism as a Response to Industrialization
Unit II: The Age of Nationalism

France under Napoleon III

Italian Unification

German Unification

The Formation of the Austro-Hungarian Empire

The French Third Republic

The Dreyfus Affair as Emblematic

Russia in the Nineteenth Century: Reform Tempered by Repression

Late Nineteenth Century Art

Intellectual Currents: Darwin, Marx, Wagner

Unit III: From The Belle Epoque to the Twilight of the Gods: 1870-1914

Society and Politics

The Age of European Supremacy

Imperialism and its Implications

The Second Industrial Revolution

The Changing Role of Women

New Intellectual Currents: Freud, Einstein, Lenin

Entangling Alliances and the Road to War

War and Peace: WWI and the Versailles Settlement
Unit IV: Europe Between the Wars

The Russian Revolution , Bolshevik Rule and Stalin’s Soviet Union

The Dithering Democracies of the 1920’s and 1930’s

The Emergence of Fascism

Mussolini and Hitler

The Great Depression

The Outbreak of War

Vichy France

The Holocaust

Preparations for Peace

Yalta and Potsdam
Unit VI: Europe 1945-2010

The Cold War

Post War England

Post War France

A Divided Germany

The Collapse of Communism

Attempts to Create A Unified Europe

From Benelux to the Common Market to the Euro

The End of Empire

Intellectual Currents

From Existentialism to the Beatles

Whither Europe: A Museum or A Dynamic, Unified Continent

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