Ap english: Major Works Data Sheet Title: Beowulf Author: Oral; minstrels Date of Publication: 975-1025 A. D. Genre: Anglo-Saxon Epic Biographical information about the author Historical information about period of publication

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Significance of opening scene
Introduces you to Hrothgar and tells who he is and describes his kingdom. Introduced to the King Of Danes. Then you’re told about a monster that lives near their kingdom. After that the story says that the King is brought sorrow by the monster’s visits to the castle disrupting and killing the people in the halls, this is the introduction of Grendel. Also explains how Grendel opposes God and then the book introduces Beowulf and his decision to assist the Danes.
Grendel could symbolize Beowulf’s inner struggles, and he also symbolizes evil or the devil because of the way he lives and attacks innocents. Grendel’s mother could also be seen as this.
Beowulf symbolizes God or one of God’s angels. He’s the protector that diminishes evil from the world. The Dragon could have been God’s test on his loyalty to his people, which he passed, by sacrificing himself for his people.

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