Ap english: Major Works Data Sheet Title: Beowulf Author: Oral; minstrels Date of Publication: 975-1025 A. D. Genre: Anglo-Saxon Epic Biographical information about the author Historical information about period of publication

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Role in story
Grendel’s mother
Wiglaf The King of
Hero and king, slayer of many monsters Grendel, Grendel’s mother, the dragon etc.)
The monster terrorizing
Hrothgar’s kingdom
Grendel’s mother and the second monster Beowulf defeated
One of Beowulf’s soldiers
Asked for Beowulf’s assistance with Grendel
The third monster that Beowulf defeated
Main character in the story. The story revolves around his triumphs and sacrifices made to save people who he was responsible for as King as well as those from another kingdom who called for help.
He is the first monster we know of that
Beowulf slayed with his own hands. Could also symbolize an inner struggle that Beowulf has had.
She represented vengefulness and hate towards Beowulf. She also killed Kings aid out of spite.
Assisted Beowulf in defeating the dragon. The monster that attacked later in the story when Beowulf was king. Killing of this monster resulted in Beowulf’s demise. Faithful, strong, proud (in a sense),
Evil, violent, cruel, harsh
Vengeful, spiteful,
hateful, motherly
Loyal, brave, committed Whiny, Ferocious, fiery,
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Scandinavia; Denmark
Kingdom of the Danes Kingdom of the Geats

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