Antitrust laws & trade associations

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The best way to avoid possible infringement

of the antitrust laws is to institute a program

of compliance. At association gatherings, the

association should resolve to avoid discussion of certain sensitive subjects. Informal gatherings which follow association meetings are particularly looked upon with great suspicion by the government.

Some topics which should be scrupulously

avoided in all meetings:

1. Do not discuss pricing

2. Do not discuss profit levels

3. Do not discuss an increase or decrease in


4. Do not discuss standardizing or stabilizing


5. Do not discuss pricing procedures.

6. Do not discuss cash discounts .

7. Do not discuss credit terms.

8. Do not discuss controlling sales.

9. Do not discuss allocating customers or


10. Do not complain to a competitor that his or her prices constitute unfair practices

11. Do not discuss refusing to deal with

a corporation because of its pricing or

distribution practices.

12. Do not attend informal sessions in which

any of the above subjects are discussed

With regard to antitrust risks present in

membership and industry self-regulation,

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