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Anti-Slavery Collection

Fiche Listing

Democratic Party (U.S.).

Opinions of the Whigs : and the character of the Whigs, given by Whigs themselves.

[Washington, D.C.? : Committee of the Democratic members of Congress]. [184-?]

8 p.; "No. 5." Caption title. "Published by order of a Committee of the Democratic members of Congress."--Colophon.; CTRG01-B2295.

Fiche: 50,79-50,580
Grimké, Angelina Emily, 1805-1879.

Appeal to the Christian women of the South.

[Shrewsbury, N.J. : s.n.]. [1836]

3rd ed., rev. and corrected.; 36 p. ; 23 cm.; Caption title. Dated (p. 36): "Shrewsbury, N.J., 1836."; CTRG01-B924.

Fiche: 10,374-19,374a
Woolley, E.

The land of the free, or, A brief view of emancipation in the West Indies.

Cincinnati : Printed by C. Clark. 1847

32 p. : ill.; No more published.; CTRG01-B378.

Fiche: 17,776
Child, Lydia Maria Francis, 1802-1880.

The right way the safe way : proved by emancipation in the British West Indies, and elsewhere.

New York : [s.n.]. 1860

96 p. ; 19 cm.; CTRG01-B25.

Fiche: 18,212-18,215; 19,659-19,660
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Speech of Hon. Abram [sic] Lincoln before the Republican state convention, June 16, 1858.

Sycamore [Ill.] : O.P. Basset. 1858

16 p.; The "Divided house" speech, made on the occasion of Lincoln's nomination for U.S. senator.; CTRG01-B27.

Fiche: 18,406
Garrison, William Lloyd, 1805-1879.

The "infidelity" of abolitionism.

New York : American Anti-Slavery Society. 1860

12 p. ; 19 cm.; Two poems by Garrison on p. 12.; CTRG01-B28.

Fiche: 18,407; 19,664
Phillips, Wendell, 1811-1884.

No slave hunting in the old Bay state : an appeal to the people and legislature of Massachusetts.

New York : American Anti-Slavery Society. 1860

23 p. ; 19 cm.; Extracts from a speech delivered February 17, 1859. Contains also extracts from speeches of William Lloyd Garrison and Charles C. Burleigh, 1859.; CTRG01-B29.

Fiche: 18,408; 19,667
Allen, George, 1792-1883.

Resistance to slavery every man's duty : a report on American slavery, read to the Worcester Central Association, March 2, 1847.

Boston : W. Crosby & H.P. Nichols. 1847

40 p. ; 24 cm.; CTRG01-B30.

Fiche: 18,409-18,409a; 18,939-18,939a; 23,593[1]-23,593[2]
Marshall, Thomas Francis, 1801-1864.

Letters to the editors of the Commonwealth : containing the argument in favor of the constitutionality of the law of 1833, "prohibiting the importation of slaves into this commonwealth," and also defending the propriety and policy of that law, in reply to a pamphlet of Robert Wickliffe, Sen., and to the views taken by other enemies of the law.

[Frankfort, Ky.] : A.G. Hodges, Printer. [1840]

37 p. ; 23 cm.; Caption title.; CTRG01-B31.

Fiche: 18,410-18,410a
De Bow, J.D.B. (James Dunwoody Brownson), 1820-1867.

The interest in slavery of the southern non-slave holder : the right of peaceful secession : slavery in the Bible.

Charleston [S.C.] : Steam-power presses of Evans & Cogswell. 1860

30 p. ; 22 cm.; "The character and influence of abolitionism--extracts from a sermon preached by Rev. Henry J. Van Dyke."--P. [17]-30.; CTRG01-B32.

Fiche: 18,411
Trescot, William Henry, 1822-1898.

The position and course of the South.

Charleston [S.C.] : Steam power-press of Walker & James. 1850

20 p. ; 26 cm.; CTRG01-B33.

Fiche: 18,412
Garrison, William Lloyd, 1805-1879.

An address delivered before the free people of color in Philadelphia, New-York, and other cities during the month of June, 1831.

Boston : Printed by Stephen Foster. 1831

2nd ed.; 24 p. ; 22 cm.; "Published by request."; CTRG01-B34.

Fiche: 18,413
Clay, Cassius Marcellus, 1810-1903.

What is to become of the slaves in the United States?.

[Lexington, Ky. : s.n.]. [1845?]

7 p. ; 21 cm.; Caption title. Reprinted from the Lexington, Ky., True American, Aug. 12, 1845.; CTRG01-B35.

Fiche: 18,414
Facts for the people. No. 1 : the conspiracy of Fillmore leaders to elect Buchanan, by inducing honest men to throw away upon Mr. Fillmore, votes which would otherwise be cast against slavery extension and for John C. Fremont.

[New York : H.F. Snowden, Printer]. [1856?]

3 p.; "From the 'Courier and Enquirer,' Aug. 19th." Caption title. Imprint from colophon. Two columns to the page.; CTRG01-B36.

Fiche: 18,415
Hopkins, John Henry, 1792-1868.

Bible view of slavery.

[New York : Society for the Diffusion of Political Knowledge]. [1863?]

16 p. ; 23 cm.; "Read--discuss--diffuse." Caption title. Signed (p. 16): "John H. Hopkins, Bishop of the Diocese of Vermont."Also issued separately the same year. Two columns to the page.; CTRG01-B37.

Fiche: 18,416; 24,053
Collins, Robert, of Macon, Ga.

Essay on the treatment and management of slaves : written for the seventh annual fair of the Southern Central Agricultural Society.

Boston : Eastburn's Press. 1853

2nd ed.; 18 p. ; 23 cm.; "Note to first edition" signed (p. 18): B.F. Griffin.; CTRG01-B24.

Fiche: 18,417; 52,686-52,687
Hancock, John, 1824-1893.

To the patriotic citizens of the United States : the North and the South : the crisis before us.

[New York : Offices of the Daily news and Day book]. [1856]

19 p. ; 23 cm.; A letter to James Gordon Bennett, editor of the New York herald, signed and dated (p. 19): "John Hancock. New York, Sept. 24, 1856." Caption title. Imprint from colophon.; CTRG01-B66.

Fiche: 18,418
Holcombe, William H. (William Henry), 1825-1893.

The alternative : a separate nationality, or the africanization of the South.

New Orleans : Printed at the Delta Mammoth Job Office. 1860

15 p. ; 23 cm.; Caption title. Signed (p. 15): Wm. H. Holcombe.; CTRG01-B65.

Fiche: 18,419; 19,622
Miller, C W.

Address on re-opening the slave trade : to the citizens of Barnwell at Wylde-Moore, August 29, 1857.

Columbia, S.C. : Steam power press of the Carolina Times. 1857

10 p. ; 23 cm.; Two columns to the page.; CTRG01-B64.

Fiche: 18,420; 18,836
Palmer, B.M. (Benjamin Morgan), 1818-1902.

The South : her peril and her duty : a discourse, delivered in the First Presbyterian Church, New Orleans, on Thursday, November 29, 1860.

New Orleans [La.] : Printed at the office of the True witness and sentinel. 1860

16 p. ; 23 cm.; CTRG01-B55.

Fiche: 18,421; 18,936
Democratic National Committee (U.S.).

The conspiracy to break up the Union : the plot and its development : Breckinridge and Lane the candidates of a disunion party : let the masses read and ponder.

Washington City, D.C. [i.e., Washington, D.C.] : Printed by L. Towers. [1860]

16 p.; Caption title. "From the Nashville (Tenn.) Patriot." Dated at end: "Washington, August 1860." Two columns to the page.; CTRG01-B53.

Fiche: 18,422; 19,411
Crummell, Alexander, 1819-1898.

The relations and duties of free colored men in America to Africa : a letter to Charles B. Dunbar, M.D., Esq., of New York City.

Hartford : Press of Case, Lockwood, and Co. 1861

54 p. ; 23 cm.; Includes a biographical note on Crummell (p. [3]) Includes bibliographical references.; CTRG01-B49.

Fiche: 18,423-18,423a; 18,870-18,870a
Dawes, Henry L. (Henry Laurens), 1816-1903.

The new dogma of the South--"Slavery a blessing" : speech of Hon. Henry L. Dawes, of Mass. : delivered in the House of Representatives, April 12, 1860.

[Washington, D.C. : s.n.]. [1860?]

7 p.; Caption title. Two columns to the page.; CTRG01-B47.

Fiche: 18,424; 18,935
Baker, James L. (James Loring).


Philadelphia : J.A. Norton. 1860

19 p. ; 23 cm.; CTRG01-B45.

Fiche: 18,425
Aikman, William, 1824-1909.

The future of the colored race in America : being an article in the Presbyterian quarterly review, of July, 1862.

New York : A.D.F. Randolph. 1862

35 p.; CTRG01-B44.

Fiche: 18,426-18,426a; 18,837-18,837a
Appleton, Nathan, 1779-1861.

Correspondence between Nathan Appleton and John G. Palfrey : intended as a supplement to Mr. Palfrey's pamphlet on the slave power.

Boston : Eastburn's Press. 1846

20 p. ; 23 cm.; CTRG01-B43.

Fiche: 18,427; 18,838
Chesnut, James, 1815-1885.

Relations of states : speech of the Hon. James Chesnut, Jr. of South Carolina : delivered in the Senate of the United States, April 9, 1860, on the resolutions submitted by the Hon. Jefferson Davis, of Miss. on 1st March, 1860.

Balitmore : Printed by John Murphy & Co. 1860

[2], 24 p. ; 23 cm.; "Presidential campaign of 1860."--P. [2], 1st group, includes a list of the members of the Republican Executive Congressional Committee and a price list for speeches and campaign documents published by the Committee.; CTRG01-B42.

Fiche: 18,428
Richardson, W.A. (William Alexander), 1811-1875.

Speech of Hon. W.A. Richardson, of Illinois : delivered in the House of Representatives, May 19, 1862.

[Washington, D.C. : Printed by L. Towers & Co]. [1862]

8 p.; Imprint from colophon. Caption title.; CTRG01-B41.

Fiche: 18,429; 18,881
Appleton, Nathan, 1779-1861.

Letter to the Hon. Wm. C. Rives of Virginia, on slavery and the Union.

Boston : J.H. Eastburn's press. 1860

17 p.; CTRG01-B40.

Fiche: 18,430; 18,883
Gannett, Ezra S. (Ezra Stiles), 1801-1871.

Relation of the North to slavery : a discourse preached in the Federal Street Meetinghouse, in Boston, on Sunday, June 11, 1854.

Boston : Crosby, Nichols & Co. 1854

23 p.; "Published by request."; CTRG01-B39.

Fiche: 18,431; 19,409
Julian, George Washington, 1817-1899.

The cause and cure of our national troubles : speech of Hon. Geo. W. Julian, of Indiana : delivered in the House of Representatives, Tuesday, January 14, 1862.

Washington, D.C. : Scammell & Co. 1862

15 p. ; 25 cm.; Two columns to the page.; CTRG01-B67.

Fiche: 18,432; 19,410
Blake, Harrison G. (Harrison Gray), 1818-1876.

Equality of rights in the territories : speech of Harrison G. Blake, of Ohio : made in the House of Representatives, in Committee of the Whole, June 12, 1860.

[Washington, D.C.? : s.n.]. [1860]

8 p. ; 23 cm.; Caption title. Two columns to the page. "Republican platform adopted by the Chicago Convention, May 17, 1860."--P. 6-7. "Letters of acceptance."--P. 7-8.; CTRG01-B68.

Fiche: 18,433; 19,414
Bissell, William H. (William Henry), 1811-1860.

The slave question : speech of Mr. William H. Bissell, of Illinois, in the House of Representatives, Thursday, February 21, 1850 : in Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union, on the resolutions referring the president's annual message to the appropriate standing committees.

[Washington, D.C. : Printed and for sale by Buell & Blanchard]. [1850]

8 p. ; 25 cm.; Caption title. Imprint from colophon. Two columns to the page.; CTRG01-B69.

Fiche: 18,434; 19,416
Campbell, Lewis D. (Lewis Davis), 1811-1882.

Speech of Hon. Lewis D. Campbell, of Ohio, on southern aggression, the purposes of the Union, and the comparative effects of slavery and freedom : delivered in the House of Representatives, February 19, 1850.

[Washington, D.C.] : Printed and for sale by Buell & Blanchard. [1850]

8 p. ; 25 cm.; Caption title. Two columns to the page.; CTRG01-B70.

Fiche: 18,435; 19,417
Calhoun, John C. (John Caldwell), 1782-1850.

Speech of Mr. Calhoun, of South Carolina, on the slavery question : delivered in the Senate of the United States, March 4, 1850.

[Washington, D.C. : Printed and for sale by Buell & Blanchard]. [1850]

8 p. ; 24 cm.; Caption title. Imprint from colophon. Two columns to the page.; CTRG01-B71.

Fiche: 18,436; 19,418
Bingham, John Armor, 1815-1900.

Bill and report of John A. Bingham and vote on its passage : repealing the territorial New Mexican laws establishing slavery and authorizing employers to whip "white persons" and others in their employment, and denying them redress in the courts.

[Washington, D.C. : s.n.]. [1860]

7 p. ; 24 cm.; Caption title. Two columns to the page.; CTRG01-B72.

Fiche: 18,437; 19,419
Lovejoy, Owen, 1811-1864.

Human beings not property : speech of Hon. Owen Lovejoy, of Illinois : delivered in the House of Representatives, February 17, 1858.

[Washington, D.C. : Buell & Blanchard, printers]. [1858]

8 p.; Caption title. Two columns to the page.; CTRG01-B73.

Fiche: 18,438; 19,420
Pearce, James Alfred, 1804-1862.

Letter from the Hon. James Alfred Pearce, United States senator from Maryland, on the politics of the day : letter from the Hon. Thomas G. Pratt, United States senator from Maryland, to the Whigs of that state : speech of the Hon. Isaac D. Jones, delivered in response to a call of a Democratic procession at Princess Anne, Somerset County, Md., on the evening of Tuesday, July 15, 1856 : speech of the Hon. John W. Crisfield, delivered at Princess Anne, Somerset County, Md., on Tuesday evening, July 15, 1856, responding to the call of a Democratic procession.

Washington City, D.C. [i.e., Washington, D.C. : Printed at the office of the Standard]. 1856

16 p.; CTRG01-B74.

Fiche: 18,439; 19,421
A call for a national nominating convention.

[U.S. : s.n.]. [1847?]

8, [1] p.; "Please read and circulate." Caption title. Two columns to the page. One of the 2 library's copies has "Declaration of sentiments of the National Liberty Convention held in Buffalo, August 30, 1843."--[1] folded p., second group, pasted at end.; CTRG01-B76.

Fiche: 18,440; 19,425
Blair, Francis Preston, 1791-1876.

Letter of Francis P. Blair, Esq., to the Republican Association of Washington, D.C.

[Washington, D.C. : Buell & Blanchard, Printers]. [1855?]

8 p. ; 23 cm.; Caption title. Imprint from colophon. "As this pamphlet may reach some persons not familiar with the position of the writer, it is proper to say that Mr. Blair was the editor of the Washington Globe, during the administration of General Jackson, the trusted friend of that great man, and of the first men of the Democratic Party. ...."; CTRG01-B79.

Fiche: 18,441; 19,426
United States. Congress. House. Select Committee on the Amistad.

Alteration of doc. H.R. no. 185, Amistad case, January 4, 1841 : read, and the Committee discharged from the further consideration of the subject.

[Washington, D.C. : s.n.]. [1841?]

9 p. : chart.; "26th Congress, 2d session. Rep. No. 51. Ho. of Reps."; CTRG01-B81.

Fiche: 18,442; 19,427
Giddings, Joshua R. (Joshua Reed), 1795-1864.

The Amistad claim : history of the case, decision of the Judiciary, comity of the various departments of government, construction of treaties, law of nations, natural rights of persons, duty of all to sustain the doctrines on which our government was founded : speech of Mr. Giddings, of Ohio, in the House of Representatives, Dec. 21, 1853, in Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union, on the motion to refer the President's annual message to the appropriate committees.

[Washington, D.C.? : s.n.]. [1853]

7 p.; Caption title. Two columns to the page.; CTRG01-B82.

Fiche: 18,443; 19,429
Burns, Barnabas.

Speech of Mr. Burns of Richland on the several resolutions of the subject of the "Fugitive slave law" : in senate, Jan. 17, 1850.

Columbus, O[hio] : Ohio Statesman print. 1851

8 p.; Two columns to the page.; CTRG01-B84.

Fiche: 18,444; 19,430

Cosmopolitan ideas on the Union.

[U.S. : s.n.]. [1861?]

23 p.; Caption title. Signed (p. 23): "Cosmopolitan."; CTRG01-B85.

Fiche: 18,445; 19,482
Hutcheson, R. (Robert), b. 1828.

Speech of Hon. R. Hutcheson, of Madison County, delivered in the House of Representatives, March 12, 1860 : the tendency of the principles and teachings of the Republican Party : disunion, insurrection and Negro equality.

Columbus : Statesman Steam Print. House. 1860

12 p. ; 27 cm.; Two columns to the page.; CTRG01-B87.

Fiche: 18,446; 19,623
Latrobe, John H.B. (John Hazlehurst Boneval), 1803-1891.

African colonization : an address delivered by Hon. John H.B. Latrobe, President of the American Colonization Society, at the anniversary meeting of the American Colonization Society : held in the hall of the House of Representatives, Washington City, January 21, 1862.

Washington [D.C.] : Printed by H.S. Bowen. 1862

16 p. ; 23 cm.; CTRG01-B89.

Fiche: 18,447; 19,624
London Missionary Society.

The London Missionary Society's report of the proceedings against the late Rev. J. Smith, of Demerara, Minister of gospel : who was tried under martial law, and condemned to death, on a charge of aiding and assisting in a rebellion of the Negro slaves : from a full and correct copy, transmitted to England by Mr. Smith's counsel, and including the documentary evidence omitted in the Parliamentary copy : with an appendix, containing the letters and statements of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Elliot, Mr. Arrindell, &c. : and also, the Society's petition to the House of Commons / the whole published under the authority of the directors of the said society.

London : F. Westley. 1824

vii, 204 p. ; 23 cm.; CTRG01-B90.

Fiche: 18,448-18,450a; 19,625-19,627
Noble, Frederick A. (Frederick Alphonso), 1832-1917.

Blood the price of redemption : a Thanksgiving discourse delivered in the House of Hope, Nov. 27, 1862.

St. Paul : Office of the Press Print. Co. 1862

21 p. ; 22 cm.; CTRG01-B91.

Fiche: 18,451; 19,628
Pugh, James L. (James Lawrence), 1820-1907.

Speech of Hon. James L. Pugh, of Alabama, on the election of speaker : delivered in the House of Representatives, January 11, 1860.

[Washington, D.C.] : Printed by Lemuel Towers. [1860]

7 p.; Caption title.; CTRG01-B93.

Fiche: 18,452; 18,997
Purvis, Robert, 1810-1898.

A tribute to the memory of Thomas Shipley, the philanthropist : delivered at St. Thomas' Church, November 23d, 1836.

Philadelphia : Merrihew and Gunn, Printers. 1836

18 p.; "Published by request."; CTRG01-B94.

Fiche: 18,453; 18,998
Appeal of forty thousand citizens, threatened with disfranchisement, to the people of Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia : Printed by Merrihew and Gunn. 1838

18 p. ; 23 cm.; Approved at a meeting held March 14, 1838. Cf. verso t.-p. Signed (p. 18): "In behalf of the Committee, Robert Purvis, chairman."; CTRG01-B95.

Fiche: 18,454; 18,999
Whipper, William, 1804?-1876.

Eulogy on William Wilberforce, Esq. : delivered at the request of the people of colour of the city of Philadelphia, in the Second African Presbyterian Church, on the sixth day of December, 1833.

Philadelphia : Printed by W. Gibbons. [1833?]

35 p.; CTRG01-B96.

Fiche: 18,455-18,455a; 19,002-19,002a
Bolles, John R. (John Rogers), 1810-1895.

A reply to Bishop Hopkins' View of slavery : and a review of the times.

Philadelphia : J.W. Daughaday. 1865

36 p. ; 23 cm.; CTRG01-B97.

Fiche: 18,456-18,456a; 18,868-18,868a
Boston (Mass.). Citizens.

Address of the committee appointed by a public meeting, held at Faneuil hall, September 24, 1846 : for the purpose of considering the recent case of kidnapping from our soil, and of taking measures to prevent the recurrence of similar outrages : with an appendix.

Boston : White & Potter, printers. 1846

8, 42 p. ; 22 cm.; Signed (p. 8, first group): Samuel G. Howe and thirty four others. The occasion of this meeting was the recapture by Capt. Hannum (of the brig "Ottoman") of George, a Mulatto boy, who had embarked as a stowaway on his vessel in New Orleans. The slave had been discovered on the passage, and, being detained on an island in Boston harbor, had escaped to the mainland. "Committee of Vigilance and its doings."--P. [39]-40, second group.; CTRG01-B98.

Fiche: 18,457-18,457a; 18,869-18,869a
Kelley, William D. (William Darrah), 1814-1890.

Speech of Hon. Wm. D. Kelley of Pa. on freedmen's affairs : delivered in the House of Representatives, Feb. 23, 1864.

[Washington, D.C.? : s.n.]. [1864]

8 p. ; 23 cm.; Caption title.; CTRG01-B99.

Fiche: 18,458; 18,937
American and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society.

An address to the anti-slavery Christians of the United States.

[New-York : J. Gray, printer]. [1852?]

16 p. ; 23 cm.; Cover title. Imprint from colophon. In behalf of the American and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society. Signed by David Thurston and 41 others, New York, May, 1852. Constitution of the society: p. 14-16.; CTRG01-B100.

Fiche: 18,459; 18,938
Barker, Joseph, 1806-1875.

Slavery and civil war, or, The Harper's Ferry insurrection : with a review of discourses on the subject by Rev. W.H. Furness, Hon. J.R. Giddings & Wendell Phillips, Esq. : a lecture.

[U.S. : s.n.]. [1860]

24 p. ; 23 cm.; Cover title.; CTRG01-B101.

Fiche: 18,461; 18,941
Hasted, Frederick, b. 1793.

A copy of a letter, written to the President of the United States, on slave emancipation.

[Buffalo, N.Y.? : s.n.]. [1864?]

[44] p.; Caption title. A series of letters by Frederick Hasted. Various pagings. Letter to President Pierce, dated: Indianapolis, Dec. 2, 1854 -- Letter dated: Cohoes, N.Y., Sept. 12, 1859. The second edition of a pamphlet, dated: Sept. 19, 1859 -- Copy of a letter written from Buffalo, December 21, 1860, addressed to President Lincoln. Letter to Horace Greeley, dated: Buffalo, Feb. 4, 1861 -- Letter to Jefferson Davis, dated: Buffalo, Apr. 23, 1861 -- Letter to Horace Greeley, dated: Buffalo, Apr. 27, 1861 -- To the reader, dated: Mar. 14, 1862.; CTRG01-B102.

Fiche: 18,462-18,462a
Barrows, W. (William), 1815-1891.

The war and slavery, and their relations to each other : a discourse, delivered in the Old South Church, Reading, Mass., December 28, 1862.

Boston : J.M. Whittemore & Co. 1863

2nd ed.; 18 p. ; 24 cm.; "Published by request." Ed. statement from cover.; CTRG01-B103.

Fiche: 18,463; 18,840; 81,129-81,130
Van Dyke, Henry J. (Henry Jackson), 1822-1891.

The character and influence of abolitionism : a sermon preached in the First Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn, on Sabbath evening, Dec. 9th, 1860.

New York : D. Appleton and Co. 1860

38 p.; CTRG01-B104.

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