Anti-Semitism is the hatred of the Jewish people. The term was first used by a German in 1879, William Marr, who founded the League for Anti-Semitism

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Dialogue _ Served to propagate Christian teaching. One of the earliest (mid-second century) and most important sources is the Dialogue of the church father Justin Martyr with Trypho the Jew. In this dialogue, Trypho is portrayed as being very impressed by Justin Martyr's arguments and nearly coming to accept them.

  • Testimony _ Collections of Old Testament texts the purpose of which was to prove different claims connected with the person of Christ and the call of the Gentiles. Served as a "handy compendium of arguments for possible controversies" with Jews (Parkes, p. 99). An example is that of the third century African church father, Cyprian, The Testimonies against the Jews.

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