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Ansaldo, Cecilia. Cuentan Las Mujeres: Antología de Narradoras Ecuatorianas. Santiago: Editorial Planeta del Ecuador S.A., 2001.
(PQ8216 .C83 2001)
Author Cecilia Ansaldo is a native Guayaquileña and was the Academic Director of Saint Mary University of Chile, Guayaquil campus professor. Her anthology is unique from a gender point of view because all of the authors included are female. She criticizes most Ecuadorian anthologies because they are compilations predominantly of male authors even though the Ecuadorian tales originally started with the works of Elisa Ayala.

Torres Espinosa, Carlos, and Steve Striffler. The Ecuador Reader: History, Culture, Politics. Electronic Source: Durham : Duke University Press, 2008.

(Electronic Book)
This anthology describes a wide array of materials in terms of topic, approach, historical period, region, perspective, and especially form (poems, recipes, speeches, etc.) It also focuses on the most marginalized groups who have struggled for recognition and justice.

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